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    Enter the no huddle offense using the Kinect Sensor (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op).


    Begin an exhibition game against the CPU on Rookie difficulty, set the QTR length to 10 minutes and choose to play with the Seahawks Vs the Red Skins or any other mid-ranked team. We have a few things to do here that will net you all 7 of the available achievements that can be earned in a single player offline game.

    After your first play you will see a microphone symbol pop up at the bottom of the screen, as long as your Kinect is plugged in of course, when you see this say ‘no huddle’ to enter the no huddle offense and unlock "On The Ball." During this first offensive drive run the ball as much as possible, when you are coming up to a defender hold down  to enter precision running mode and push up on the to truck the defender and unlock "Unstoppable." On your next run as the defender approaches hold down  again to enter precision running mode and this time hold down the  button to stiff arm the defender and unlock "Arms Length Away." If you don’t manage to get these on your first couple of runs just keep running the ball in and trying until you get them.

    Now carry on with your drive however you want but try to stop short of the end zone on the 1-3 yard line. On your next play choose a QB sneak or just scramble from the pocket to score a rushing TD with your QB. During your opponents drive you can either just let them score or try to turn the ball over as quickly as possible. Once you are back on offense again play the drive however you want but be sure to score a passing TD once you get to the red zone to unlock "The New Breed." Again during your opponents drive you can either try to turn it over or just let them score. Letting them score, as long they can manage it in a timely manner, is beneficial later on.

    On your next offensive drive play your way to 1st and Goal. On your next play press  to go to your playbook, choose to select by play type, scroll left to 'Special' plays and then 'Option.' Option plays allow you to choose between running the ball in with your QB, handing it off to the HB or pitching the ball to a WR. What you do will depend on how the defense reacts to your play. If you have played through the Skills Trainers already you should have no problem with this. If not you need to keep your eye on the defensive lineman directly in front of you if he stands still and does a shimmy he is going to come at the QB if you try to scramble so either hand the ball off by holding the  button as the HB runs by you to run it in or if your WR is open you can pitch the ball to him using . If the linebacker moves he is going to go for the HB so either scramble or pitch it away. It’s not too hard to pull off and you will have four downs to attempt it. Once you manage to score a TD using the option play you will unlock "College Influence."

    By this point you will have scored at least three TDs for the previous achievements, so you only need to score one more to unlock "Happy 25th Madden." Now all you need to do to unlock the final achievement for this game is score a combined 75 points with your opponent, which is why it was beneficial to just let them score as long as they were quick about it. If you have combined for at least 75 points at the end of the game you will unlock "Verizon MVP."

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  • Seriously...this is the third one
  • Maybe I'll just buy a kinect. My kids want one & gamestop sells them used for cheap. Its a win/win baby!
  • Well this sucks
  • Buy it used, get the achievement then take it back and say your room isn't big enough to use it. LMAO.
  • I'm not buying Kinect purely out of principle, because of stupid achievements like this.

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