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    100% completion of all passing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals).

    There are three passing drills to complete, these are shown below, the numbers in [] are the amount of successful plays needed to earn the gold medal.

    Pass Trajectories [9/10] – This drive will teach you the difference between a lob pass and a bullet pass, and the situations where each one is best used.

    Total Control Passing [10/10] – This drive will teach you how to lead your receiver using the right thumbstick after the pass is thrown, making it easier to beat the defense.

    User Catching [8/10] – This drive will teach you how to manually catch a pass by taking control of the receiver and moving them into position to catch the ball.

    Once you have earned your third gold medal the achievement will unlock.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS1nGcqci-U
  • Ok, seriously. What is happening? I can't seem to catch the ball? I press B at the exact time it's lighting up, the player switches to the receiver, I hold Y at the ball's highest point, and the player just RUNS INTO THE BALL. I tried everything. It will NOT catch. I didn't catch the ball one single time with holding Y. Is my game bugged?
  • Ok, oops. I don't know how to delete that previous comment but I got it. I thought I selected the player by just lighting the button up, but I just had to press it again. The user catching drill was by far the hardest for me so far. Glad I got it.
  • I hate this drill!
  • Nevermind! I got this!

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