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    100% completion of all rushing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals).

    There are five rushing drills to complete, these are shown below, the numbers in [] are the amount of successful plays needed to earn the gold medal.

    Acceleration & Burst [9/10] – This drive will teach you how to use the  to gain an acceleration boost to evade defenders.

    Precision Modifier [11/12] – This drive will teach you how to use the  to enter precision running mode in conjunction with     and the to perform offensive running maneuvers.

    The Option [9/10] – This drill will teach you how to run an option play, giving you the choice to either scramble with your QB or hand the ball off to the HB, depending on how the defense is reacting.

    Triple Option [9/10] – This drill will teach you how to run a triple option, like the option play you have the choice to scramble with the QB or hand it off to the HB but this adds in a third option to pitch the ball away if both the QB and HB are covered.

    Oklahoma Offense [9/10] – In this drill you will run 10 contained offensive plays pitting three offensive players against two defensive players and attempt to score TD’s from the five yard line.

    Once you have earned your fifth gold medal the achievement will unlock.

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  • No matter what i do my guy will never stiff arm him!
  • The triple option is a bitcH!
  • the juke move is retarded. never works.
  • Finally got this today! The triple option was a pain! If your having trouble w/ the triple option try pausing the game right before you hand the ball to the RB. Look at the defenders & make the right read. I got 9/10 on this drill so this method does help. Good Luck!

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