Get Your Feet Wet Achievement

  • Get Your Feet Wet



    Complete an online ranked head to head game.

    There are only three achievements tied to online ranked head to head games and it is possible to unlock them all in one game if you can score high enough. Choose to play an online head to head game form the menu. Complete one game to unlock this achievement. If you can score 34 points or more you will also unlock "Only Seventeen" for scoring 17 points and "Nice Round Number" for hitting the 34 point mark. Don’t worry if you don’t manage this in your first game, the totals are cumulative so just play a few more games until you have scored a total of 34 points across all games and you will be done with this mode.

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  • Cant even get this one!!!! Ive played at least 10 games, and going into the fourth quarter my opponents backed out! Gimme a break!!!!
  • I'll help someone with this achievement xX WINTERS Xx
  • I will help people with this achievement as long as you let me score 34 points and I will let you score at least 34. Just put madden 25 in your request so I know. gamertag: the don chuckyy
  • The way I got this one was just let someone destroy me. That was the only way I could get someone to finish a game.
  • Need someone who won't quit out. GT: Capt Kerunch

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