Well Rested Achievement

  • Well Rested



    Earn a first round bye in Ultimate Team Seasons.

    To earn a first round bye you will have to win at least eight out of 10 regular season games. Keep building up your team by purchasing packs with your coins or trolling the auction house for card upgrades. Eventually you should be able to build up a good enough team to make winning these season games a little easier. Once you have managed to win eight games in a single season the achievement will unlock.

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  • Requires you to win 8 of a set of 10 consecutive online games in your personal MUT "season". If you fail, you can try again, but only after completing those ten games. Note that if you qualify for the playoffs (5/10 wins) you'll get promoted to a higher tier of players in the following season.
  • 3-1 right now.
  • So, I went 8-3...no cheevo. Not too happy, especially since the suspected reason is that the 8th win wasnt an official win. I love how some people just cant seem to be able to handle losing. Makes games like these not worth my time.
  • Is there any possible way to boost this?
  • People quit out all the time so just wait for them to quit out and you'll get an easy win. Repeat 8 times.
  • Hi, I hope people still read this, I am an Xbox One player who has found a way to boost this achievement. Please add my gamertag Berry2014. On most of tonight and tomorrow.
  • I'm interested in getting this. Only achievement I'm missing. Gt: stimshady2001
  • Want to boost? GT: Capt Kerunch

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