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    Win a MUT Seasons Super Bowl.

    To get to the Super Bowl you will need to win at least five regular season games, three (or two if you secured a first round bye) playoff games and then the big show itself. You will likely need a very good, high rated and well rounded team to pull this off. Once you have won the game the achievement will unlock.

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  • This will be impossible. Not only will you have to win 5 online games just to get into the playoffs, but you have to string 4 online wins in the playoffs in a row to win the superbowl. For the players that are crud at Madden (like me), this will be a nightmare.
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to start a group and each person taking turns to get these achievements because i agree with the comment above that it will be very difficult to achieve. Add me and we can figure out a way: KILLERCLAW
  • I would also like to join in if we find a way. I will definitely look into it when I get home. But from the looks of it, it seems impossible to set up a MUT online season as it is random. I also am not that good at this game but I'm having fun so far with it.
  • I disagree, I'm not the greatest player but I'm currently in the playoffs. My season record was 5-3. You just gotta play a smart game, try & run the ball & no stupid throws to cause interceptions. For defense use a lot of 2man under & try to mix it up with a blitz here & there. Hope this helps a little.
  • stimshady2001 Hate achievements like this. I hate madden online. Cheese, cheese and more cheese.
  • Add me GT: TotalBeerFest
  • If anyone wants to boost this with me send me a message my gt is poptart toucher
  • This is absolutely not an impossible achievement. Build your team from the ground up like everyone else and play smart.
  • I'd like to boost this achievement. GT: rollosm
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