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    Complete a MUT collection.

    Collections are completed by obtaining the required collection cards either from the AH or the packs and compiling them together in the collection screen. There are numerous collections you can complete some are harder or will cost more than others.

    To make this as easy as possible I suggest going for one of the coach collections. Pick a coach who has a corresponding chemistry to complement the team you are building. I used Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier who has a +GP chemistry. Whichever coach you choose you will need to obtain the gold version of their card either by getting lucky with a pack or buying it from the AH. Once you have your card, go to the collections section of the menu and find your corresponding coach collection to check which other card you need to complete it. The reason for this is you will need to play through the whole series of regular season solo challenges for your chosen team and there are two separate challenge lists. Only one of which will reward you with the required card. Now play through the whole solo challenge ladder, it should be about 9 games, you will get a decent amount of coins along the way and after the final game you will receive the card you need to complete the collection. Complete your collection and the achievement will unlock, as an added bonus you will also receive an upgraded Elite version of your chosen coach.

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  • FYI in the game it says that these cards must to collected from packs. however, I simply completed the BUFFALO BILLS regular season solo challenge to earn the collectable and PURCHASED a gold Doug Marrone and it still worked.

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