You Know the Business Achievement

  • You Know the Business



    Build a MUT team with a team chemistry of 30.

    There are eight different team chemistry’s that you can choose to build your team around, ultimately you will want to get one individual chemistry to 85 to unlock "This One is Hard 3.0." The available chemistry categories are show below:

    • Ground and Pound
    • Man Defense
    • Run Stuff
    • Short Pass
    • Long Pass
    • Pass Rush
    • Speed Run
    • Zone Defense

    When you first start to build your team you will be asked to choose a captain, the player you choose will also have one of the above chemistry’s that will be your base chemistry, for example if you choose Tom Brady as your captain you will receive a bonus to the Short Pass chemistry, your captain can not be changed so choose wisely. When you are building your team you will see colored hexagons in the top right corner of some cards, not all players have a chemistry boost, these show what chemistry each player has. The more players you add to your starting lineup with the same chemistry type the higher your rating will be. Once you build up your chemistry to 30 the achievement will unlock.

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  • Breaking Bad reference!!! :)

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