Completely Gelled Achievement

  • Completely Gelled



    Build a MUT team with two team chemistry ratings at 60.

    Before you can begin to build a second chemistry you will have to raise your primary chemistry to 85 or above. Once you have done this you will unlock the ability to add a second team chemistry that build up alongside your primary. Once you have unlocked this ability you don’t have to keep your primary chemistry at 85. There are certain chemistry’s that go hand in hand with each other and a lot of player cards will have dual chemistry bonuses. A good combination is SP and GP. Scroll through the available secondary chemistry’s and one of them will almost always be higher than the others, this should be the one you try to build up. Once you have both chemistry’s rated at 60 or above simultaneously the achievement will unlock.

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  • Do you have to have a 85 team ratinh first before you can unlock this?
  • I think so cause i have 2 over 60 and i don't have achievement!
  • I have a overall 82 team it's sooo hard to get to 85 with the packs only giving 1 gold player!! I need to find someone to trade with so i can get it an then give them their cards back
  • DamN! I have 60 plus in speed run & pass rush but no Cheevo!
  • I'm not sure but I think you have to have 2 different offensive or 2 different defensive at 60 at the same time.
  • you have to stay at 85 or higher to get this achievement, mine are both at mid 50's lol but i watched 2 of my buddys get it

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