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  • This One is Hard 3.0



    Build an 85 rated MUT team.

    Getting an 85 rated team will either take a lot of time or a bunch of money to buy packs. Just keep working on your primary chemistry and it will come with time.

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  • Anyone got a 80 plus rated cards they can trade me so I can get this & then I can trade them right back to you? GT: SCP1980
  • Can anyone help me with this? Anyone have some 85-95 rated cards they can help me out with?
  • I have an 84 rated team if i can borrow a 94 QB to get this one it would help out a lot GT BADASSBANDIT32
  • Anyone? Gt: SCP1980
  • Got it! Thanks to Da mix77 for helping me get this. Good dude!
  • Anyone wanna help me with this on xbo?
  • I have an 80 overall rated team, if anyone is willing to trade high rated players so I can get this I will trade right back and pay coins! Thank you! Gamertag: RowYourGoat Message me or reply here if you are able.
  • Anyone wants to help me out with this i would be grateful: KILLERCLAW
  • I'm needing help got a 83 ranked team GT: A FAT POPTART
  • I'm gonna need more high rated cards to complete this
  • If anyone would help me here, that'd be great. JEDI 4 hire
  • Anybody still playing this game and want to help me out? I would take the time to play games, buy packs, and do it myself but the servers might as well be down now almost nobody plays this game anymore.

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