Blaine Gabbert Legacy Award Achievement

  • Blaine Gabbert Legacy Award



    Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 2.

    See "Walter Peyton Legacy Award" for more information.

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  • 2? Wow! No love for Gabbert? U can get a legacy score of 2 in like 1 game.
  • Lmao that's so disrespectful
  • I love Blaine Gabbert (Mizzou faithful) but that's mean lol
  • They should of called this achievement the "Ryan Leaf legacy award" LMAO! I like Gabbert also, he was the college Qb for my WR Jeremy maclin. I'm an Eagles fan. North Philly born & raised.
  • Is Brady Quinn's legacy in the negatives?
  • LMAO! Notre Dame's favorite son.
  • this is hilarious lol
  • Ryan Leaf legacy award! You get it when you're born! Lmao!

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