Walter Payton Legacy Award Achievement

  • Walter Payton Legacy Award



    Using a created player, coach, or owner - surpass a legacy score of 15,450.

    Many thanks to forum member animusVOXone for posting this incredible strategy to obtain all the legacy award achievements in less than an hour! Original post can be found HERE.

    First thing you will need to do is head over to share in the main menu and search for the GT Neditch, once found you can download a roster file called ‘NINERS99’ which has all the key 49er’s players maxed out at 99 thanks to animus.

    Start up a new connected franchise mode, making sure to load your custom roster, and choose to create a new head coach. NOTE: You MUST create a brand new coach with a legacy score of zero, if you choose an existing coach the achievements will not unlock. In the settings, set the difficulty to All-Madden, and then choose to allow the CPU to sign free agents and re-sign players to contract extensions.

    Once the season starts, you don’t have to play the games you can just advance each week simulating the games and you should easily win every game. For a little added security you can always save before every game to make sure you win. To unlock all the Legacy Award achievements as fast as possible you will need to win every regular season game, and then win all the post season games including the Super Bowl for 3 seasons. The first two seasons should be no trouble at all, the third season you may need to replay one or two games to make sure you get the wins, once you have won your 3rd Super Bowl the final achievement will unlock.

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  • More Legacy Achievements... Woo-hoo... :(
  • Great! More simmin'
  • They made this a lot easier than last year. You can do them all with one created player or coach instead of making each position.
  • True @3. Last years achievements sucked!
  • Meh. Three full seasons of playing RB. You can do that in jig time.
  • They are easier, but they the legacy achievements still suck.
  • Help?
  • What is the quickest way to achieve this?
  • I'm currently playing as a balanced QB & this is gonna take like 12 seasons to get this. This will hold me over till Nba 2k14 comes out.
  • Link to another user's post: easy way to get this achievement:
  • Earn all of these in under 1-hour:
  • Sweet! Gonna try this now! Gotta get my kids off the Tv 1st.
  • I got it! Took 5 season of simulating.
  • Do I have to simulate one week at a time?....
  • Yes
  • It works thanks
  • Thank god for this compared to last year. Doing EVERY one was impossible. Even trying simming I gave up on doing a single one. This could be great, taking ONE coach or player the distance. I can't do the sim thing. Not one week at a time. No fun.

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