Avatar of Slaughter Achievement in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

  • Avatar of Slaughter



    Won a duel when an opponent controlled no creatures

  • How to unlock Avatar of Slaughter

    This isn't as difficult as it sounds. Win a duel in any mode and simply kill all of your opponents creatures before winning. This is done easiest with decks sharing Red or Black colors, as they contain many removal spells and spells that force your opponent to sacrifice creatures.

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  • very first campaign match LOL.
  • You would have to either get very lucky or boost this with a friend in multiplayer...
  • I just unlocked this. At first I thought they had to have no creatures on the table for the duration of the entire game, but it turns out that as long as they don't have any creatures on the table at the time you kill them then you will get this achievement.
  • Very easy to boost anyways.
  • got this on first campaign with talrand, just play highlighted cards and attack creatures if option allows it and as #3 said as long as they control no creatures when you kill them you get it.

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