-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 41 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-20 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 2 (sort of). You can explore the world more before the final boss fight, so technically no. Trap Master proves a problem if you don't get it before the last save point. Also, if you do not get the chests at the start of the game you will not be able to get them later, but they are very easy to get.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty choice
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None


This game does not have a difficulty setting of any kind and has 3 save file slots. You only need to use one of them. The game has you manually save, so do this often and before you quit. During your journey you will have an extreme amount of collectibles to get, so you should use a guide to make sure you get them all as fast as possible. There is an in-game map which is extremely helpful and you will be using it often. The game's world is separated into many areas. There are no levels or chapter select. You will be doing puzzles, battles, and collecting for the entire game. Worry about the Trap Master achievement. Check the achievement description before playing the game to get an idea of what is expected. A lot of your achievements will come through normal play of the game.

Step 1: Play through the story

Play through the game, obtaining all collectibles and working on achievements at appropriate times. Use the "change outfit" at save points to respawn enemies in your favor. Make sure you get the Trap Master as early as possible (check the achievement description for more info).

Step 2: Make sure everything is done before fighting the final boss

At the end of the game, right before the boss is a save point. Make sure you hover over every area on the map and have all collectibles. Grab any other achievements you have missed. The last achievement you get before you beat the game will most likely be Brave One, so check the description for grinding the levels associated with it.


This is a pretty easy game to get all the points in. You should have no trouble getting them for the most part unless you become careless and rush through it. It's very tedious to backtrack in this game, so make sure you get all collectibles if you can in each area before leaving.

x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Give the Majin more than 500 orders

    This may or may not come along while playing through the game, as it depends on how often you are using the Majin. You can quickly get this done by holding  and rapidly pressing  then , switching between the two. The Majin doesn't actually have to carry out these orders

  • Feed the Majin over 10 Blue Fruit

    Blue Fruit is a way to heal the Majin. You will find these scattered throughout the world. They look like blue flowers and have sparkles floating around them. Pick one up when nearby, and then hold  and  to feed it to the Majin. The Majin must have lower than maximum health in order to feed it. You can have a maximum of 5 Blue Fruits at once, which is displayed by your health bar. You might get this while going through the game normally, but it's a good idea to speed it up and any time you have 5, use one when the Majin's health is down. These will respawn eventually, but it's not worth it to wait around.

  • The Majin's "health" ability rises to maximum


    There are a total of 9 Stamina Fruits you must feed the Majin to get his health to maximum. There are only 9 total. They are green and have a glow to them. Follow the collectible's guide below to make sure you get them all.

    Collectible Guide

  • The Majin's "strength" ability rises to maximum


    There are a total of 9 Strength Fruits you must feed the Majin to get his strength to maximum. There are only 9 total. They are red and have a glow to them. Follow the collectible's guide below to make sure you get them all.

    Collectible Guide

  • Defeat over 100 enemies

    See "One of a Kind" achievement description.

  • Defeat over 500 enemies

    This will come along with natural play of the game. You will be killing many enemies to gain levels to reach maximum, and will be killing many more than this.

  • Defeat over 30 enemies with traps

    There are a few things considered a trap. A trap is using something in the environment you can use to kill enemies.

    • A wall the Majin can push onto enemies below
    • A boulder that can be pushed with Majin which rolls on enemies
    • Columns/Pillars that can be pushed with Majin
    • Explosive red things on the ground you can hit with rocks (though an enemy must be quite weak when this happens)
    • Explosive barrels in the environment you can drop onto enemies

    Here is a listing of some of the areas:

    -The first trap is a wall in the castle near the start of the game. Push it over to kill roughly 6 enemies.

    -Potrachi Altar: There is a trap that is a giant boulder. Kill the 3 enemies nearby by having Majin at the boulder, then running down the stairs with enemies chasing behind you. Have Majin push the boulder, as you jump to a nearby safe ledge. It is a good idea to knock the achievement out here, so keep running back to a close save point and choosing to change your outfit, but just back out instead. Now run back and everything should be respawned. Continue this without doing anything else until you get the achievement.

    Graveyard: There are many enemies and a bunch of pillars you can push down on them. This area might be a little tricky, but you may be able to kill around 4 enemies.

    Kanay valley: Another rock trap that will kill 5 enemies.

    Ebilya Earth Furnace: There's a boulder in this area which will kill 6 enemies. There are other areas where you can do these, but you should have just gotten the achievement out of the way.

    There are not many places in the game that will allow you to use traps, so this achievement is technically missable.

  • Open all Treasure Chests


    There are roughly 100 chests that you will have to open. There are 3 types of chests:

    -Life Shards: These chests will give you experience and help you raise your character's overall health and strength. You also get these shards from defeating enemies. They are the most common, and are a bluish green.

    -Outfits: You get pieces of outfits in a sort of gold/white looking chest.

    -Majin Outits: There are only 2 of these in the game, and they are very big red chests that only the Majin can open.

    To get them all, follow the collectible guide below:

    Collectible Guide


  • Have the Majin revive you 3 times.

    There are two main ways that you can die in this game. One is if the Majin's health is depleted, the other is if you have no health and the Majin has no way of getting to you. So with that said, you must lose all of your health and the Majin must be able to reach and revive you. You will likely get this through normal play of the game.

  • Talk to the Majin 100 times.

    Go close to the Majin and press  to talk to him. This cannot be done during combat. Just keep rapidly pressing the button until you get the achievement. This is not something you would normally get while playing the game.

  • Help the Majin out when he's in trouble 10 times.

    See "Majin Knight" achievement description.

  • Help the Majin out when he's in trouble 30 times.

    You'll know the Majin is in trouble when he has something injuring him and he cannot act. He will yell for help and ask for your assistance. There are two types of enemies that will put him in this condition

    -Darkness Ghosts: These only appear at night. They will get behind the Majin and start to drain his health. The ghosts always appear in packs, so it's likely multiple will drain him.

    -Darkness Hounds: These creatures will jump on the back of the Majin and you must also jump and hit them off.

    You may easily recycle this tactic and not actually kill the enemies that are putting the Majin in trouble.

  • Become "haunted by darkness" 10 times.

    When you are prompted to move your  right and left rapidly, it means you are in this condition. There are a few ways this will happen. The most common is the floating enemies whose arms look like whips. When they hit you, this count and you will get this through normal progression of the game. Also, sometimes the Darkness Archers will shoot you with Arrows of Darkness which count. Later on there are Darkness Puddles which you can just walk in over and over, but it would be hard not to have this achievement by the time you get to them.


  • Attack shielded enemies 100 times.

    You will encounter many enemies holding shields in this game. For this to count, you must actually have them block your attack. Once you hit the shield during a block, just keep pressing  and get as many as you can in.


  • Defeat 50 enemies with sneak attacks

    Enemies are not always alerted to your existence right away. You will be taught in game how to use sneak attacks. You must crouch with  and press  on an enemy whom is unaware of you. This will result in an instant kill. They are aware if their eyes are red. Yellow means they are alert and you should back away. At first this can be very frustrating as enemies seem to always turn around at the last second or have very hard to read movements. So instead, sprint towards them with  and right as you close in, do the sneak attack. They'll likely be turning in your direction, and may even be facing you, but as long as the eyes are not red you will get the kill.

    Note: Not all enemies can be killed this way.

  • Defeat 300 enemies with combination attacks

    A combination attack can be performed when an enemy is in a dazed type of status. This includes all elemental attacks from the Majin as well as when you see the enemy with the black drops moving out of the body. An easy way to get these is to have the Majin attack an enemy and knock them to the ground The second time he knocks the enemy down, you need to run over and attack until the  prompt shows up. You should get this by the end of the game. If not you will get it while grinding kills for experience at near the very end of the game (see "Brave One" achievement description for more details).

    Note: Finish attacks will not count towards this achievement.


  • Defeat more than 50 enemies with finish attacks

    There are 4 other achievements related to finish attacks, which result in 40 kills alone. You will get this while playing through the game. If you are still having issues, see "Brave One" achievement description.


  • Defeat 5 or more enemies at once using a finish or combination attack

    This is very unlikely going to happen through normal progression of the game. You will need more than 5 enemies around in order to get this achievement, because you will usually an enemy or two as you're building your combo meter. The absolute best area to get this in is extremely late in the game in Arkela Castle - Hall, and only after backtracking. So when you get to this area, continue on until you are done with the Grand Staircase area. Make an extra save just in case. Now you may travel back to that area where there are 6 enemies standing stationary. Bring the Majin into the hallway with the save point, and have him wait there. Now run over and grab the attention of the enemies, and bring them to the hallway. If they don't lunge at you, they'll stay there and not be able to get in the hallway. Now go behind the Majin and command him to do a Lightning Attack. Run in and you should easily be able to get this achievement, specifically if your Friendship level is high. If not, you will get it while raising your maximum levels. See "Brave One" achievement description for more info.


  • Get 3 full costume sets

    See "Costplay Master" achievement description.


  • Get all costumes


    There are a total of 8 costumes for your Hero and 3 for the Majin (counting with what you start with). The Hero's outfits are in 3 pieces: head, body, and arm. You get mostly all of them from chests scattered throughout the world. The Majin only has a few, and they are only found very late into the game and are one piece only which does not give any boost of any kind. Different stats are associated with the various pieces, and can be mixed in any combination. You will also earn a couple pieces for collecting the Memory Shards.

    Hero's Outfits
    - Traveler: Traveler's Headband, Traveler's Wristguard, Traveler's Cloak
    - Guard Knight: Guard Knight Helm, Guard Knight's Gauntlet, Guard Knight Armor
    - Scholar: Scholar's Hat, Scholar's Cuff, Scholar's Clothes
    - Marine: Marine's Cap, Marine's Wristguard, Marine's Uniform
    - Attendant: Attendant's Formal Cap, Attendant's Decorative Sleeve, Attendant's Formal Wear
    - First King: First King's Crown, First King's Armlet, Cloak of the First King
    - Bandit: Bandit's Hood, Bandit's Wristguard, Bandit's Costume
    - Darkness: Helm of Darkness, Gauntlet of Darkness, Armor of Darkness

    The Majin's Outfits
    - Perfected Majin
    - Guardian's Costume
    - Dark Costume

    Note: Two pieces you will want to equip right away are the Bandit's Wristguard and the Bandit's Costume. These will give you extra Life Shards and Friendship shards as you defeat enemies. The head piece can be anything, though I suggest the Helm of Darkness since it looks the best.

    For all of the locations of the chests containing the outfit pieces, please see the guide below:

    Collectible Guide

  • Raise Friendship level and Tepeu's level to max

    Raise Friendship level and Tepeu's level to max

    Tepeu's max level is 31. You gain his levels by obtaining Life Shards. These shards are blue. Do this by finding the Life Shard chests a well as defeating enemies. You will raise this faster than the Friendship level, but both should be within a few levels of eachother in regards to how many they are away from max. To see what level you are, just hit .

    Friendship max level is 21. This is going to take longer than Tepeu's max level since there are no friendship shard chests in the game. To get these shards, you must use combination attacks as well as finsh attacks. Also, during the night time you will find floating "ghost" like enemies in groups. Attacking them will give you instant friendship shards and a pretty fair amount of them.

    You will not have this while playing naturally in the game. You will have to grind out the last levels before the final boss. The best place to do this is in Arkela Castle - Hall. This is just a few areas before the last boss of the game. Play the game until you get to the end of the Grand Staircase. Save but do not go any farther. Now, backtrack to the Hall area and you will see 7 enemies. Lead Majin into the little hallway with the save point, and tell him to wait. Now gather the enemies and bring them to that hall. They will for the most part stay at the end and can't move forward unless they were lunging at you. Have Majin use Lightning on them and kill them all within a few seconds. Now go to the save point, choose "change outfit", and then back out. The enemies will have respawned and you can now do this until you have the achievement. This wll likely take you a couple hours. On average you should gain roughly 1200 exp per respawn.

    Note: Remember to equip the Bandit's Wristguard and the Bandit's Costume. These will increase the Life and Friendship Shard amounts.


Secret achievements

  • Save the Majin

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Escape from the Dark Castle

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Defeat Caprakan

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Defeat B'alam

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Defeat Tlaloc

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Defeat Ixtab

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Defeat the "Creator of All Darkness"

    Story related, can't be missed.


  • Go to the true ending

    To get the true ending, you must collect all memory shards in the game. There are a total of 35 in the world and they can only be collected at night. It takes 15 real life minutes for the game to cycle night and day times. Every outside area has a memory shard except for the boss areas, there is none in the castle.

    After you beat the game, do not be worried that your achievement didn't unlock. You must actually sit through the entire credits. You cannot skip them as there is no option to. The credits will take roughly 10 minutes to finish.

    For a guide to find them all, check below:

    Collectible Guide

  • The Majin acquires "wind" ability

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • The Majin acquires "lightning" ability

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • The Majin acquires "flame" ability

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • The Majin acquires "purification" ability

    Story related, can't be missed.

  • The Majin's "wind" ability rises to maximum


    See "Ultimate Purification Power" achievement description.

  • The Majin's "flame" ability rises to maximum


    See "Ultimate Purification Power" achievement description.

  • The Majin's "lightning" ability rises to maximum


    See "Ultimate Purification Power" achievement description.

  • The Majin's "purification" ability rises to maximum


    To get the powers to raise to it's maximum level, you must feed the Majin the fruits which are infused with these elements. There are 3 total for every power, making that 12 you must collect. You will only be seeing them once you get those powers, so don't worry if they seem rare.

    For all of the locations, follow the guide below:

    Collectibles Guide

  • Defeat over 10 enemies with a wind finish attack

    See "Purification God" achievement description.

  • Defeat over 10 enemies with a flame finish attack

    See "Purification God" achievement description.

  • Defeat over 10 enemies with a lightning finish attack

    See "Purification God" achievement description.

  • Defeat over 10 enemies with a purification finish attack

    The elemental finish moves work the same way as regular finish attacks. You must charge up your combo by doing combination attacks, and then when the bar is full and sparkling, you must trigger the attack in time. For it to be one of the elemental finishes, you must have first used a power and trigger it on an enemy still in that specific status. You will not have all of these powers right away, but you will eventually get them all. Check the various descriptions below for each.

    Wind God: To use the wind power, hold  and press . Enemies caught within this gust will be blown to the ground and have a bunch of wind circling around them.

    Flame God: To use the flame power, hold  and press . Enemies caught in this fire will stand still and burn. If you are caught on fire, it will not hurt you and you can then attack with your weapon which will catch anything you hit on fire.
    Lightning God: To use the lightning power, hold  and press . This power will stun all enemies around the Majin, as well as charge your weapon for a lightning attack as long as you are also close.
    Purification God: To use the wind power, hold  and press . This will put anything caught in the breath of the Majin into a crystallized state. You will instantly get a combination attack for all enemies in this form, even if you haven't hit them.

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