Count it Achievement

  • Count it



    Complete and win a ranked match.

  • Was 2 innings away from finally getting this and the guy quit the match. Ugh! I'm now 2-4 with both wins coming from punks quitting early.
  • I should have had this, but the idiot I was playing decided it would be a good idea to disconnect just as I made the final out of the game. It gave me credit for the win, and says I have 100% completion, but I don't have this achievement. So annoying. This is why I generally don't play online matches in sports games. People only finish them out when they are winning.
  • OK, well, I just completed a match, and won, and my opponent did not quit early, yet I still didn't get this achievement. Just like everything 2k Sports does, this achievement is bugged.
  • Message if you guys wanna boost. GT is ShadowDemon xYx.
  • Im down to boost as well gt-pettindakitty
  • Add me GT: iN4 Hitman Down to boost
  • looking to boost as well on a cpl cheevos like a virtue take that and beat the giants. GT Flanny916
  • everytime im winning a game online they quit, absolutely ridiculous
  • anyone still looking to boost add me I basically need all the online achievements. willing to lose if the favor is returned. cmon lets get this shit done. gamertag is x1ManWo1fPac
  • Yo anyone still looking to boost online with me? Username-JOHNNYUSA33

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