The Team to Beat Achievement

  • The Team to Beat



    Beat the San Francisco Giants in a completed online match.

  • This sucks. So Ive been online for the last 2 hrs trying to play against the giants and no one wants to be them. At least last year when it was the Cardinals it was easy because people like STL. Guess no one likes SF at all
  • I still need this cheevo. If you haven't unlocked it yet, perhaps we can help each other get it. Message me GT: bcpbells
  • i need help boosting with all the MLB 2k10/12/13 online achievements, add me my GT is ADIDASonthaFEET will keep this up til i have hthem completed
  • If anyone still needs this/3 ranked in a row, send me a message so we can knock out the online cheevos. GT : RiddLs

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