Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10 (9/10 without adjusting stats)
Offline: 48 (930)
Online: 2 (70)
Estimated Time to 1000: 60-100 Hours (250+ without adjusting stats)
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 1 Franchise season
Missable Achievements: None!
Do cheat codes disable Achievements?: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, Cards don't unlock on Rookie
Glitchy Achievements: 9 (220, Card Achievements and Grand Poobah)
Unobtainable Achievements: None!
Additional Equipment Required: None

Like most sports games, everything is very straight forward, from the controls to the rules, so this road map is more to help cut down the amount of time it will take to get the full 1000 in this simulation of “America’s Pastime.” It took me well over 100 hours, but if I had done things smarter, I could have easily cut that in half. MLB 2K9 is not a quick and easy sports game, but a long slog playing dozens of games and meeting requirements for the 320 player trading cards, which will be the bane of your existence by the end of the game.

Step 1: Franchise Play
In most games, you can just simulate the entire season to get the franchise achievements, but this is not the case in MLB 2K9. You need to play at least 20 games, though the achievements take a bit more to actually unlock them. May the Best Man..., Bicentennial Man,and Centennial Man are fairly easy to get just by playing 20 games and simulating the rest, though I had some trouble with Absolute Power. Once you hit 20 games, just simulate to the last game of the season and see what your stats are for the achievements, reload and re-sim if you need, and sim the post season until you win three games in the World Series and play the fourth win. You will probably get a number of the “user profile” and “get x in one game” achievements this way, making things easier later on. You can also unlock a fair number of trading cards by playing this on Pro difficulty or higher, which will really make the mop up quicker, but risks having you lose the World Series or fall just short of the franchise numbers, since you will have a few games where your stats are slightly handicapped. To make it easier, you can either adjust the stats for your players before you start, or you can trade your bad players for better players.

Step 2: Saves Franchise
After simulating the season a number of times under normal circumstances, I was completely unable to get any player in the league to save 40 games in a season. 2K Sports really made things difficult by setting the requirement so high, meaning that you will likely need to set up a season just for getting saves. Turn off the trade deadline when you start the season, set the game length to 3 innings and turn on “force trades.” Sim the first 140 games of the season and then trade for the league leader in saves. Chances are you will still need 10-15 saves, but that is doable if you are focusing on it. Just make sure that you win the game by 3 runs or less and your closer gets the final out of game. To actually unlock the achievement, you need to save your 41st game and make sure that happens after 20 games, or just save 40 and then win the World Series.

Step 3: Online Play

There are only two online achievements in this game, but one of them can be a supreme pain in the neck. Go to the Xbox Live menu and play a Quick Ranked Match. In finishing the game you will get the I Could Have Been a Contender achievement, but Team 2K is considerably more difficult. To get that, you need to win a 9 inning game against someone that has the achievement. It took me 12 games or so to get this, because the people I beat didn’t have it, and those that did, quit early. If you are really hunting, just check the opponent’s gamertag before hand to see if they have it and back out of the game if they don’t. Eventually you will get it, it just may take a while. If you want, check the FORUM to see if there is someone with the achievement willing to throw the game in exchange for cards. Human players are craftier, too, so it is likely that you will find an opportunity to get the Ya Can’t Get Fooled Again achievement, since some players will run on two strikes. The good news is, you can unlock cards in ranked games, so you are at least making progress there if it takes a while to get Team 2K.

Step 4: Game Mode Mop Up
If you haven’t won things like the Home Run Derby or Post Season Mode, now would be the time. Realistically, you can do these any time you are hard up for gamerscore, but if you haven’t done these yet, do it now, because by the time you finish the trading cards, you may never want to look at this game again. Refer to the guide below for further assistance on these modes.

Step 5: Card Collecting
The trading card achievements are collectibles of the worst kind. Not only do you have to get all 320 trading cards, each one of them has a specific requirement that you need to do either with or against 9 players on every team. Even worse, they need to be met on Pro or higher difficulty and cannot be unlocked with two controllers. If you need the list of requirements for each player, it can be found HERE. This can be made a lot quicker, though.

First, start a franchise so that you can save progress and rosters and then make trades so that every position on both teams are filled by players with trading cards that you need. Setting rosters to default, turning on force trades and edit CPU rosters will make this much easier, and turning off injuries definitely helps. Then go to edit roster and adjust the stats of your players so that they are all at 100 (though you don’t really need to bother with things like “stealing aggression,” “as catcher” or the hitting stats for pitchers if you are in the American League). Edit the “contact” and “power” stats of opposing hitters down to 0, and the “vs,” “home run” and “strikeout” stats for the opposing pitchers down to 0. This makes it almost guaranteed that you will get every card available in the game, though you still need to play normally, since even at 0, a pitcher can still strike you out and a hitter can still get a single. Also set the "speed" stat to 100 for hitters because you will be able to turn doubles into inside the park home runs and this makes it a lot easier than actually hitting the ball out of the park. You can also set opposing player's fielding stats down to 0 because it will make innings go longer so you have a better chance of getting more cards. It will usually be easier to start a new franchise with new teams than to trade away everyone at the end of each game. You will likely get to the point that you need only starting pitchers, so when that happens, make sure that you change the number of player controlled teams to 2, preferably the two that play each other on opening day. Always manually manage the pitching rotation and trade closers and relief pitchers for the starters that you need, putting them in the rotation as closers, relievers and set-up pitchers, so that the CPU will bring them into the game partway through, allowing you to unlock 5 or 6 starters every game. Keep doing this until you have unlocked all 320 cards, which should take 10 games, considering you probably already unlocked 100 or so through the franchises (presuming you did it on pro) and ranked play. If not, settle in for a good 20 games to unlock all the cards, including getting 200 home runs, 500 RBIs and 500 strikeouts for the classic cards.

Warning: The cards you have unlocked are tied to your user profile, which is tied to your gamertag. If you change your gamertag you will lose all progress toward the trading card and user profile achievements.

Step 6: Mop Up
You will probably have a few achievements left to complete the game, but they really shouldn’t be major ones. The base stealing achievements (Sticky Fingers and Cat Burglar) may still remain, just edit the opposing catcher so that his “throwing accuracy” and “anticipation” are at 0, which should make this a piece of cake. For any other achievements that you may have left, refer to the guide below.

Glitchy Achievements:

I have heard of (and experienced) several achievement glitches in this game, particularly around the trading cards. Many of the achievements will not unlock when they are supposed to, but they will unlock eventually. Spread the Wealth is the legendary one, since it will only unlock if you have unlocked a non-starter card on every team with a person that started and ended the season on each team. Get all 320 cards and you will unlock it. If, on the other hand, the One Hundo or Teamwork achievements do not unlock when they are supposed to, your cards may be completely glitched. I don’t know if there is another fix for this beyond deleting your user profile. Grand Poobah will also not always unlock at the appropriate time. If you run into that, just earn an easy achievement (change some players on your card team), and it should unlock.

While MLB 2K9 is an entertaining game, and a good two player game to keep around, it is horribly frustrating when achievement hunting. The glitches, time consuming achievements and horrible disappointment of giving up an error to the 27th batter to break up a perfect game make it a horrendous slog. But after getting the full 1000, there is nothing to prevent you from keeping it around and playing it for fun.

[x360a would like to thank Capn Doug for this Road Map]

Major League Baseball 2K9 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Unlock all Achievements

    To unlock this achievement every other achievement must be unlocked.
  • Hit 25 Home Runs with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit 50 Home Runs with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit 100 Home Runs with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out 25 batters with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out 50 batters with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out 100 batters with your User Profile

    This can be done with two controllers.

    Easy Strikes:

    Create your own pitcher give him 100 on everything. Pick the knuckleball, fastball, screwball, and the slider.

    I pitched a perfect game throwing, knuckleball first down the middle, screwball down and in, and finally throw a fastball high and inside.

    Knuckleball (74mph), screwball (86mph), and fastball (97mph) - they cant handle it.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Steal 25 bases with your User Profile

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Steal 50 bases with your User Profile

    Easy Steals:

    YouTube - Major League Baseball (MLB) 2k9 Free Steal

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit three Home Runs in a game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit four Home Runs in a game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out 12 batters in one game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out 15 batters in one game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Score 10 Runs in a game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Score 15 Runs in a game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Steal 4 bases in one game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Steal 6 bases in one game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Win a game without allowing any runs scored

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Don't give up any hits in a game

    Pick a team (I will be using the Yankees).

    Step One:
    Go to Rosters.
    Go to the Yankees.
    Go to all of the hitters, I mean all of them.
    Edit These Stats:
    -Everything under hitting to max
    -Everything under fielding to max
    Go to all of the pitchers
    Go to the last pitcher on the list and click trade to team.
    Go to the Giants and trade for Linecum.
    Edit These Stats for Linecum and Sabathia:
    -All pitching at max
    -All hitting at max

    Step Two:
    Go to Rosters.
    Go to the Pirates.
    Go to all of the hitters, I mean all of them too. Really all of them.
    Edit These Stats:
    -Everything under hitting to minimal.
    -Everything under fielding to minimal.

    Step Three:
    Go to Difficulty.
    Go to Hitting.
    Change These:
    -Everything under 'human' to max
    -Everything under 'cpu' to minimum
    Go to Fielding/Running/etc.
    Change These:
    -Everything under 'human' to max, except Field Errors, put this at zero
    -Everything under 'cpu' to minimum, except Field Errors, put this at max

    Step Four:
    Go to Management
    Go to Create Player
    Press Start

    Your stats should be 100% - perfect to work on a lot of achievements.

    Go to Play Now.
    Pick the away team as the Yankees, home team as the Pirates.
    Press to edit options.
    -Change the innings to 9, field to Wrigley
    Now while it is loading make sure Linecum is not the starting pitcher.
    Now start the game.

    Step Five:
    Top of Inning One::
    Hit as many homers as you can. The pitcher's stats for the Pirates needs to stay at normal, it is easier to hit homers, trust me.
    If you did not hit a home run stay on 3rd base.
    From here do the following.
    -Press a few times to lead off of third
    -Once you start the stealing process run towards home
    -Let the catcher get the ball
    -Press the towards the catcher, knocking him over. This may take a few tries

    With the last hitter up in the lineup press on the controller.
    Go to Substitutions
    Click Pinch Hitter
    Change the hitter to Linecum.
    Hit a home run with Linecum. Must be out of the park. If it is in the park run fast. The other team can not touch the ball before you cross home plate for it to count as a home run.

    Keep hitting homers
    By now you should have a lot of runs.
    Once you hit 15 runs start hitting more home runs.
    If you do not hit a home run, stay on first/second and steal.
    Bottom of the First Inning::
    Now you are a pitcher.
    Pitch with Sabathia, its easier.
    Throw sliders (), Sabathia almost 75% of the time will strike him out.
    If the ball is hit in the air, catch it. Your stats are at max.

    Repeat the Inning above the whole game.

    Some of these will take more than one game, but you can get a majority of these in one game. I was able to get 50 home runs, 30 steals in one game. Played the season for the achievements and got the 100 home runs and 50 steals.

    All of the ...with your user profile... achievements unlock after the game and after your profile saves. Make sure after every game you play that you save your profile, otherwise the games wont count.
  • Create a Player

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit a Home Run with Tim Lincecum

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Win the Classic Home Run Derby®

    Go to Game Modes.
    Home Run Derby.
    Pick a good home run hitter, maybe one of your custom stat hitters.
    Pick a terrible hitter for the other team.
    Now play the least amount of outs that you can.
    Hit home runs.
    Simulate the other batter.
    Repeat last two steps.
  • Play a Ranked Online Exhibition game

    You have to play a full online ranked game, 9 innings, win or lose.
  • Create a 2K beats Playlist

    Go to 2K beats and change around a few songs and save.
  • Hit 40 Home Runs in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)

    See ‘There can only be one’
  • Win 20 Games in a season with one pitcher (play at least 20 games)

    See ‘There can only be one’
  • Drive in 100 runs in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)

    See ‘There can only be one’
  • Save 40 games in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)

    A save is where one of your pitchers comes into a game with a three-run or less lead to seal the win.

    See ‘There can only be one’ for more help.
  • Strike out 200 batters in a season with one player (play at least 20 games)

    See ‘There can only be one’
  • Win the World Series® in Franchise mode (play at least 20 games)

    These achievements are time consuming. The easiest way to do these is to set the game up on:

    Custom Rosters
    Custom Stats
    Settings -> Presentation Settings -> Replays - Never, Fast Baseball - On
    3 innings
    No Fatigue
    No Injuries

    Then you must play 20 regular season games. Win or lose. Do not sim the whole season, sim to the last day of the season. Then play the final game. Then once playoff season comes, sim/play up to the World Series. Sim game by game until you are up 3 games to whatever. Now play one more game and win. All of the season achievements will unlock.

    You must play the final World Series game to get all of these achievements.

    To check how far you are on each achievement go to:
    MLB.com -> Statistics -> Player Stats -> HR/Runs/Ks/Saves

    Easy Strike Outs: Have one of your pitchers pitch the most games. I simmed for this achievement. When I actually played the twenty games I didn't go for the strikeout achievement. I ended the season with 278 strikeouts.

    Easy Home Runs/Runs: In the twenty games you actually play, play against easy opponents. Do not try and play against the Yankees in season mode and expect to get a bunch of home runs, but playing against the Pirates will grant you a lot of home runs.

    Easy Saves: Have all but one of your pitchers crappy. Never start the good pitcher. That way he will come into the game late and 'save' it for you. Or out of the twenty games you actually play have a relief pitcher come into the game at the top of the ninth.

    Another Easy Save Method: Play your twenty games for the first twenty. Then sim to the trade deadline. Go to the stats and order it so it shows who has the most saves. Trade your best pitcher for this player. Then save your game. Now sim till the end of the season. Keep doing this until the person has 40 saves. Then play the World Series game.
  • Create a Card Team

    Go to Cards.
    Click Create-A-Team.
    Create a team using cards.
    This achievement can be done from the start. They give you just enough starter cards to make a team.
  • Try all 4 Practice Modes

    Play all four of the practice modes to get this achievement. Practice modes teach you the basic setup of the game. Practice is located under Spring Training.
  • Get to the top of the Best of the Best ladder in Home Run Derby® Mode

    This is a long achievement for 5 points. You have to beat all 20 Best of the Best players. The first ten are easy and go by fast. After that they get greater and greater. This can take hours. Just keep hitting homers and hope they fail.

    Go to your rosters, select Atlanta Braves. Then select Chipper Jones. Edit his batting stats to the max.

    Then select Home Run Derby. Select Chipper Jones and make the Home Run Derby at Fenway Park. He is a switch hitter, so he will bat left handed. After every five batters you beat you will get the option to select another batter to use. Just keep using Chipper.

    These are the batters that you will face for this achievement. Before you start, go into Management, then Rosters. Edit each of these players' batting stats for HR against left hand/right hand pitchers to zero. They won't hit any home runs at all.

    1. J. Morneau (Twins)
    2. C. Pena (Rays)
    3. C. Delgado (Mets)
    4. C. Utley (Phillies)
    5. E. Longoria (Rays)
    6. C. Quentin (White Sox)
    7. D. Wright (Mets)
    8. V. Guerrero (Angels)
    9. J. Hamilton (Rangers)
    10. G. Sizemore (Indians)
    11. M. Teixeira (Yankees)
    12. D. Ortiz (Red Sox)
    13. M. Cabrera (Tigers)
    14. R. Braun (Brewers)
    15. A. Dunn (Nationals)
    16. P. Fielder (Brewers)
    17. A. Pujols (Cardinals)
    18. M. Ramirez (Free Agent, but with Live Roster will be on Dodgers)
    19. A. Rodriguez (Yankees)
    20. R. Howard (Phillies)
  • Win the World Series® in Postseason Mode (Play Final Game)

    For this you must win the World Series in Postseason Mode, which is under Game Modes. So sim or play to the final game and play the final game all the way through, winning of course. This can be done on 3 innings.
  • Beat a Team 2K member or someone that has unlocked this achievement in an online game

    How this will work is: The 2K Member loses, the winner gets this achievement. Now whoever beats the guy with the achievement will get the achievement. Then whoever beats these players will get the achievement. This will keep going on and on like a virus.

    The achievement is now spreading around. Try posting in the achievement trading thread to have someone lose a game to you.
  • Unlock all the pitcher cards in the game

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock all the batter cards in the game

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock all nine cards for one team

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock one card on each of the 30 MLB teams

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock 10 Classic Player Cards

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock 100 cards

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock 200 cards

    See ‘All the Tea...’
  • Unlock all 320 Cards

    There are 320 different cards in this game. To unlock cards you must play on Pro. For each card you have different requirements. You can click on each card and see the description on how to get it. There is no card trading in this game so you have to do them all.

    A basic card definition will be:

    Get x amount of runs with this player


    Get x amount of strike outs on this player

    Here is a guide made by dreamweaver1984

Secret achievements

  • Hit three batters in a row

    Pick a team and play as the home team. Now hold left or right, towards the batter, on the . Then press a button to pitch. It will hit the player. Repeat two more times.
  • Hit a Home Run, a Triple, a Double and a Single in one game with one player

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Drive in a run with a pitcher during a game

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Hit a home run to win a game

    Keep the game close. Start the final inning and pitch them out. You must be tied or behind. Now hit the ball as hard as you can. If it isn’t a home run, stay on 1st. Repeat until you get a home run.

    This can be done on 3 innings. Inside the park home runs count for this.
  • Throw a No Hitter with one pitcher in a game

    This can not be done on 3 innings.

    Easy Method: Save after every inning. If you screw up, load up the save. Keep going until you get the achievement.

    See ‘Unhittable’ for more information.
  • Strike out a batter and throw out a runner on the same play

    For this you need to set the CPU stats for Steal Aggression to max. Then walk someone to first base. Now pitch two strikes.

    Here is the tricky part:

    Throw a low strike to the hitter. Then with the catcher press as fast as you can. Hopefully you can catch someone stealing. If not rinse and repeat.

    This achievement can be boosted online with a partner. Check out the achievement trading thread HERE.

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