- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 21 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6-8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None (Level Select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Man Vs. Wild! If you're a urine drinking survivalist like the rest of us, then this is the game for you! Man Vs Wild is a survival game based off the popular Discovery program of the same name. I'd say it plays similar to the Cabala hunting games. You must traverse landscapes, search for collectibles, battle vicious woodland creatures, and survive! The mechanics are kinda clunky, and Bear can jump a mile, but it's a low budget game, so it's to be expected. Unfortunately there isn't a Holiday Inn nearby.

There are two difficulties to choose from: Normal and Survival mode. You do not have to play the game in Survival mode to acquire any achievements. You can complete this game in 1 Playthrough. If you're curious, Survival Mode essentially removes your HUD. You do not know when you need water or food, you just have to guess.

Playthrough 1: Complete Campaign
Use this first playthrough to get accustomed to the mechanics of Bear. You will start off with the Tutorial level and receive "Wild Man" upon its completion. This gives you the basic skills you'll need for building shelters, traversing landscapes and skydiving. Also use this playthrough to gather all collectibles, you can use the descriptions, or videos provided below. When going for the collectibles, should you miss 1 for a specific achievement, then you must replay the entire level again and collect them all again for that specific achievement. At the end of this playthrough you should have all achievements except "Bear Grylls".

About "Born Survivor" achievement: This means you can not be 'incapacitated' at any time. Being killed by the bear in Level 1 counts as being incapacitated. Sliding into a crevice in the ice cave counts as being incapacitated. Dying due to the elements will render you incapacitated. However, when falling off a rock, the game resets you to a previous checkpoint- this is not being incapacitated. Falling off the horse at the end game also does not count. As long as you don't see the screen that says "Bear has been incapacitated" you are fine. If you think you're going to be incapacitated, and are quick enough, you can press and reload the checkpoint. If you get the screen that says "Bear has been Incapacitated" you can dashboard the game quickly and then reload. I have heard of people doing this with success, but I can neither confirm or deny its effectiveness.

Step 2: Grind/Replay for Collectibles
After completing your campaign, if you've missed any of the collectibles you can just replay the level to get what you missed. Though, you will have to recollect every type of that collectible in order for the achievement to count. After you've done that, it is safe to say you can start grinding out your experience for max level. This is done by replaying the first mission (not the tutorial) over and over again. Keep doing the skydiving stunts so you rack up a lot of points. When you land, run straight until you see the saving symbol on the bottom of your screen and then reload the level.

This is a very easy game. With the guide you should spend no more than 10 hours on this game. Just make sure to grab every collectible in each level to avoid needing to replay them. Enjoy the guide!

[x360a would like to thank Xenolith666 for this roadmap]

Man vs. Wild Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find all the animals of interest in the Everglades

    There are eight animals of interest in the Everglades.

    1. American Alligator: There are a ton of these in this level.
    2. Catfish: After scaling the log and jumping down, there are a few in the water on the right. You can also find them in tree stumps.
    3. Scarlet King Snake: Just past the catfish on a long flat rock
    4. Coral Snake: You'll come to a fork, hang a left, then take your first right. It'll be on another flat rock.
    5. Nutria (big rat): You will fight a gator, after that go left and it's on a flat rock.
    6. Snapping Turtle: After the gator fight and climbing over logs, head to the right and investigate the tree in the middle of the watery path.
    7. Box Turtle: After you camp and cross some logs, keep to the right and swim in the water. Straight ahead are some purple flowers (water icon) and land. It's on that patch of land.
    8. Black Bear: Unavoidable!
  • Find all of Bob McClure's Boats in the Everglades

    There are five boats throughout the level.

    1. After you land, you'll be in a river, swim straight ahead past several gators. There will be a fork - swim to the right and the boat is in the corner.
    2. Once you have a gator fight and there's a tree you can climb as a vantage point, head off to the left. If you're following the animal guide, it's behind a tree where the Nutria (big rat) is.
    3. After the vantage point and crossing the logs, head right, then take another right. A little ways in you'll see a log with a food icon, head right from there and it's in a watery cul de sac with a Heron in it.
    4. Once you reach the pond, swim all the way to the right. When you reach the end, swim left and it'll be in front of you.
    5. After you cross the pond, there will be a fork (Bear will mention an airboat), go left and it's sticking out of the water.
  • Tag all the Junk in the Everglades

    There are six pieces of junk to find in the Everglades.

    1. Refrigerator: If you're following the animal guide, it is just past the coral snake, which is the second snake you encounter, in between some trees.
    2. Water Heater: After the vantage point, cross the logs. Head to the right, take another right, and you'll see a log with the food icon (worms). Go behind that and it's leaning against a tree on the right.
    3. Oil Slick: After all the mosquitoes and building a fire, you will hop over a bunch of logs. Head down a bit to an open watery area and immediately to the right is the oil slick.
    4. Toilet: Once in the saw grass area, and making it across a bog, you'll arrive at two purple plants with water icons. Head straight through and keep left, you will make your way through some saw grass, around some trees, all the while keeping left. Once through you should see a round pond with many small trees. Continue past that to the back of this area.
    5. Keg: When you encounter the bear, the bear is actually standing next to it. Hard to miss!
    6. Chemical Waste: When you reach the pond, swim all the way down to the right, at the end, swim right again around the downed tree. Once you reach land, follow the path and it's at the end.
  • Find all the Camel Bones in the Sahara

    There are four camel bones in the Sahara.

    1. Just before the first oasis on an incline and mostly covered with sand. Hard to see!
    2. After the sandstorm and camping out, move down the hill towards the oasis. The bones are on the left side in the shade, just before the trees.
    3. After the second set of landmines you blow up, it's straight ahead. Hard to miss!
    4. There's a small cut scene with a helicopter, after that it's just up the next hill.
  • Complete the "Sahara" campaign.

    Story related and can't be missed!

  • Locate all the Gold Rush Trash in the Rockies

    There are nine total pieces of trash to find in the Rockies.

    1. Mining Shovel: This depends on where you land your parachute - either in the tree or on top of a cliff. If you land in the tree, you must cross a tree and then climb a cliff. Once at the top of the cliff, it's off to the left, over some small ledges, behind a tree in front of a pond. If you land on the cliff, it's off to the left.
    2. Bucket: There are two ledges you can go across. Take the right side. The bucket is on the ground near the ledge overlooking a pond.
    3. Mining Barrel: After camping and running away from the bear encounter, it's on the left before the stone pillars.
    4. Dynamite Stick: After you sleep and encounter a bear, when you run away from it there are some stone pillars. Take the middle path, and follow the pillars to the left. The sticks are on top of it.
    5. Mining Pan: Once you cross the stone pillars, you will see the pan near the water between the cattail plants.
    6. Mining Rafters: You will encounter a Puma! After it runs off, run down the right side of the hill and you will see a bunch of boards against the stone wall.
    7. Dynamite Crate: After the same Puma as above, run down the left side of the hill just past some chipmunks.
    8. Mining Cart: After crossing another log, you might see a deer in the middle of the area. In the left of this area in some bushes is the cart.
    9. Mining Lamp: After the secibd bear encounter, run off to the left and you'll see a campfire icon, the lamp is just past the icon.
  • Complete the "Rocky Mountains" campaign.

    Story related and can't be missed! Just to note it: I've landed in three different places during this mission, so the first two collectibles (bucket and shovel) change position, depending on where you land.

  • Locate all Animals of Interest in the Rockies

    I've played this level a few times now and different animals have triggered the Animals of Interest, but here's a list anyway.

    1. Big Horned Sheep: After climbing the second cliff, you will see him on a ledge on the right side of the area. There is also another one after the third cliff on the left.
    2. Rattlesnake: You will practically run over this. It's on top of the third cliff. There are multiple snakes throughout the level.
    3. Bear: You will encounter this after you make camp and sleep. Unavoidable, plus you will see it two more times.
    4. Elk: After the second bear encounter, run way to the left of the area. The elk is across a chasm near some bushes.
    5. Extras: I've also run across a wolf (near secobd bear encounter), a moose (looking over a ledge near a waterfall), and a puma. Some of these have registered, some have not.
  • Complete the "Everglades" campaign.

    Story related and can't be missed

  • Locate the Rare Plants in the Rockies

    There are four rare plants to find. These are kinda easy to spot, most plants in the game are green or brown, the rares are the only ones that have some color.

    1. Purple Flowers: These depend on on where you land. If you land in the tree, they will be before the first cliff you climb. If you land on top of the cliff, you will see it below you on the ground.
    2. Yellow Flowers: After the puma encounter, run down the hill to the left. The flowers are in front of a tree halfway down the hill.
    3. Orange Flowers: After the second bear encounter you will cross a log and climb up some small ledges. They are on the second ledge.
    4. White Flowers: After jumping off a cliff and getting back to shore, the flowers are behind a tree in this area.
  • Find all the WWII Artifacts in the Sahara

    There are five WWII artifacts in the Sahara.

    1. Airplane: It's on the left hill during the sandstorm. It's best to wait until after the sandstorm and you "camp". Just turn around and it's right there.
    2. Tank Shell: As you enter the second oasis, past the second set of camel bones, it is on the ground on the left near some trees. If you reach the fire icon, you passed it.
    3. Tank: After the third set of mines you need to blow up, it's on the right. The turret is sticking out of the sand.
    4. Anti-Aircraft Shell: Once past the mine field, head up a hill and there's a giant palm tree. It's just behind that on the ground.
    5. Tracks: After the helicopter cut scene, head up the hill and it's off to the right. They kinda look like a long, brown rock.
  • Find all Five Andiperla Willinkis in Patagonia

    There are five Willinkis in Patagonia.

    1. After getting to the top of the first ice cliff, you shimmy left and get on solid ground. Run past some yellow plants, and up two small ledges. The bug is on the second ledge.
    2. Once you reach the top of the mountain, run straight. It's on some ice just past some paw prints and an SP orb.
    3. In the ice cave, keep running left to a dead end. It's a black speck on the ground.
    4. After the third bug, go straight, jump down, over gap and up the cliff straight ahead. Keep straight and take a right, you should come upon three SP orbs and the bug.
    5. After the ice slide, you'll come to an open dirt area with a campfire icon. It's just past the trees on the right side.
  • Locate all the Trash in Patagonia

    There are five pieces of trash in Patagonia.

    1. Once on the ground, head through the snow and off to the right. You will see a blue barrel sticking out of the snow against the wall.
    2. Keg: After the sled ride, do a 180° turn and it's ahead of you next to the rocks.
    3. Ice Skate: After crossing the ice sheets, it's on a ledge with an SP orb
    4. Toilet: After the ice cave, rappel down and it's right next to a camp icon
    5. Volleyball: After the ice slide, run to the right on a small hill
  • Completed the Tutorial in Base Camp

    Story related and can't be missed! This is your basic tutorial level that teaches you the basics of Bear's movements and how to start fires, combine items, catch fish, and build shelters. Once you finish all the tasks the achievement will pop.

  • Complete all episodes without passing out

    This is the hardest achievement in the game. You must not pass out at any point during the game. Levels are replayable at any time. Once you get used to the controls and levels, this won't be or sound so impossible. Passing out constitutes being killed by an animal (bear, gator etc), or succumbing to the elements of heat exhaustion, cold, etc. Once you get used to the levels and the collecting is complete, you can rush through a level in less than 15 minutes. You CAN reload checkpoints. If it still doesn't unlock, do all the levels in one sitting by continuing after you complete one.

  • Reach the Level "Bear Grylls"

    You collect glowing orbs, complete tasks, set traps, create camps and such and you gain levels and attributes to help you through the level. You must reach 8000 SP (Spirit of Adventure) points to reach Bear Grylls rank.

  • Complete the "Deserted Island" campaign.

    Story related and can't be missed!

  • Find all the Ancient Artifacts in the Sahara

    There are four ancient artifacts to find. They are:

    1. Scepter: Once you reach the first oasis, head to the right. You will pass three or four trees. The scepter is on the ground behind the last one.
    2. Golden Cup: You can grab this during the sandstorm, but it's best to wait until after. It is shortly after the telephone pole before you run up the hill towards a dead camel. If you grab it after, just run down the hill. It looks like an orange cup.
    3. Vase: After the second set of landmines, it's up a small hill on the right - right before the third set of mines.
    4. Sword: After the tank and the fourth (and final) set of land mines, there's a ledge on the right. The sword is on the ground in front of the ledge.
  • Find all the Plane Debris in Deserted Island

    There are five plane debris pieces. And a bad "Lost" reference.

    1. Tail: Once on the beach, run up the left side of the coast and you'll run into it.
    2. Propeller: From the tail, run to the opposite side and up the coast, keeping the rocks and water on your right. It's in a small area past the water.
    3. Tire: After getting to the top and objective complete, you'll come across some stone pillars. Hop over the first one, then run to the right, it's between some pillars on the left
    4. Fuselage: Escape the cave and it's along the route you must run on the left
    5. Wing: When making the raft, it's down the beach on the right.
  • Complete the "Patagonia" campaign.

    Story related and can't be missed!

  • Find all the Man Made Items in Deserted Island

    There are five man made items on the Island.

    1. Flip Flops: Once on the beach, run straight and you should see them sticking out of the ground a little off to the right.
    2. Ice Skate: After climbing the tall cliff, you'll cross two logs. It's after the second log on left.
    3. Cooler: After the Ice Skate, make two wall jumps. After the second, climb the cliff on the right. It's on top.
    4. Shipping Package: After crossing over the lava, head to the right and it's at the end of a passage.
    5. Volleyball: This area is very open, but head off to the right. You'll see a food icon on a tree, the ball is just past that.

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