- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 32 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 11-15 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 1, "Queen of the Ocean"
- Extra equipment needed: No
  • DLC: Truth Quest
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 350:1gs:4-6 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
Maneater is an open ocean ShaRk-PG, an RPG starring a shark! There is a simple story with equally simple (and repetitive) gameplay. Your quest is to devour the shark hunter, Scaly Pete, as revenge for him killing your mother and become the Queen of the Ocean. Along the way, you'll eat a plethora of sea creature and humans, unlocking unique body parts and abilities as you evolve. Chris Parnell lends his voice as the narrator accompanying you through your ridiculous adventures as a shark.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This game is pretty straightforward for the most part. You'll want to focus on completing the story, including all the side missions, minor objectives, and Apex Predators. This will help you with fully upgrading and evolving your shark ("Growing Up", "On Your Own", "Wiser", "Ocean Terror", "Adaptation", "New Breed", amd "Science Experiment"). Along the way, collect as many license plates, nutrient caches, and landmarks; although, you'll most likely need to finish these off in the Mop-Up. Finally, you'll need to gain infamy by attacking humans and shark hunters. Each level of infamy will unlock a mini-boss fight. There are 10 infamy levels to earn and 10 mini-bosses to defeat.

After completing the story, focus on finishing up any collectibles you have left ("Garbage Collector", "Deep Sea Explorer", and "Tourist"). Also, you'll want to earn any infamy levels and defeat any mini-bosses you didn't get to during your story playthrough ("Infamy Level 1" and "Infamy Level 10"). Completing everything available in the game will earn your final achievement, "Queen of the Ocean", which may not initially unlock (see the video under "Queen of the Ocean" for a possible achievement glitch fix).
Truth Quest DLC
This DLC adds a new region with the usual open world activities and a new story to follow, plus a bunch of new activities in the base game areas. You won't be able to start this DLC until you finish the main story of the base game, so be aware of that. Just like with the base game, you'll need to complete every single item on your map (both all of the items in the new region and all of the new items in the base game regions) for this completion. The majority of this DLC plays identical to the base game: eat targets, consume humans, fight bosses, get your Infamy up, and collect caches, license plates, and landmarks. Doing everything on your map will earn you all of the achievements in this DLC (including unavoidably reaching level 40) except "Fan Fare." That's a new open world collectible that you'll need to hunt down in the new region and existing regions. So jump right in and progress through the story, hunt down all of the open world collectibles, and complete all of the activities on your map. The new region has its own Infamy level, and you'll need to raise it to level 5 at any point to be able to complete the story missions, so be aware of that (and preferably wait until you're level 40 to worry about it). You'll fight a bunch of new and unique bosses along the way, each of which is equipped with armor similar to what you have available, making them more difficult than anything in the base game. They're all still very manageable with whatever fully upgraded evolutions you have equipped from the base game. The final boss of this DLC, however, is significantly more difficult than anything you'll face in this DLC. Normally strategies almost assuredly won't work on it, so refer to "Apex Eater" for recommended build and strategy to survive this intense boss fight.
If you're struggling with anything on your map, refer to the guide for more information. Keep in mind you'll need to do all activities in both the new and existing regions for this completion.

Overall Conclusion:
A straightforward, repetitive experience that leads to an easy 1000. This ShaRkPG doesn't add any complexity to the genre, but is a simple to pick up and put down experience. If you are a fan of sharks and shark documentaries, you'll probably enjoy the game and the short story that parodies those types of shows. So get out in that water and make sure to bring your appetite!
[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the Truth Quest DLC Roadmap]

Maneater Achievement Guide

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There are 44 achievements with a total of 1350 points

  • Survive Birth

    Story-related; this will unlock following the first cutscene in the game.
  • Complete the tutorial

    Story-related; this is the first part of the game prior to the first cutscene.
  • Reach Teen Growth

    Story-related; reaching teen growth is an objective of the chapter: Jambalaya (On the Bayou). You will need to return to your Grotto after reaching level 5 to evolve.
  • Reach Adult Growth

    Story-related; reaching adult growth is an objective of the chapter: Sea Change. You will need to return to your Grotto after reaching level 10 to evolve.
  • Wiser



    Reach Elder Growth

    Story-related; reaching elder growth is an objective of the chapter: The Great White Way. You will need to return to your Grotto after reaching level 20 to evolve.
  • Reach Mega Growth

    Story-related; reaching mega growth is an objective of the chapter: The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea. You will need to return to your Grotto after reaching level 30 to evolve.
  • Evolve for the first time

    Story-related; you’ll earn this after completing the mission Cradle to the Cave and unlocking/equipping your first evolution.
  • Acquire 50% of available evolutions

    See "Science Experiment" for more information.
  • Acquire 100% of available evolutions

    Evolutions are unlocked in three ways: completing story missions, unlocking Infamy levels and defeating the mini-bosses (see "Infamy Level 10"), and collecting all of the landmark collectibles (See "Tourist").

    There are 26 evolutions in total, listed below:

    Story Evolutions:
    • Cradle to the Cave – Advanced Sonar
    • Killer Queen – Bone Head
    • Mako War, Not Love – Bone Fins
    • Ooh, Barracuda(s) - Bone Teeth
    • Pete: The Revenge – Fat Digestion
    • Put The Hammer Down – Bone Body
    • Royal Flush – Bone Tail
    • Whole Lotta Rosie – Amphibious
    • You’ve Got Whale – Subliminal Evasion
    Infamy Evolutions:
    • Bayou Willy (Infamy Level 1) - Bio-Electric Teeth
    • Bobbie Bojangles (Infamy Level 2) - Hearty
    • Pookie Paul (Infamy Level 3) – Mineral Digestion
    • Candyman Curtis (Infamy Level 4) – Adrenal Gland
    • Ensign Tyler Dixon (Infamy Level 5) – Bio-Electric Fins
    • Butcher Boy Brady (Infamy Level 6) – Bio-Electric Body
    • Lt. Shannon Sims (Infamy Level 7) - Mutagen Digestion
    • Mama Maybelle (Infamy Level 8) - Bio-Electric Tail
    • Commander Percy Metcalf (Infamy Level 9) - Bio-Electric Head
    • Captain Robert Brunlett (Infamy Level 10) - Brutal Muscles
    Landmark Evolutions:
    • All Fawtick Bayou Landmarks – Protein Digestion
    • All Dead Horse Lake Landmarks – Shadow Teeth
    • All Golden Shores Landmarks – Shadow Fins
    • All Sapphire Bay Landmarks – Shadow Body
    • All Prosperity Sands Landmarks – Shadow Tail
    • All Caviar Key Landmarks – Shadow Head
    • All The Gulf Landmarks – Reinforced Cartilage
  • Complete all objectives in Fawtick Bayou

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in Dead Horse Lake

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in Golden Shores

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in Sapphire Bay

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in Prosperity Sands

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in Caviar Key

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Complete all objectives in The Gulf

    See "Queen of the Ocean" for more information.
  • Reach 100% objective completion in all regions

    GLITCHED: It is possible that this does not unlock despite completing everything. There is a fix which requires you to unlock the three gates located on the map. See the video at the bottom of this achievement for more information about a fix if this glitches for you. You must complete the entire story, including all the side missions/objectives and collecting all the collectibles in the various regions listed below:

    Crawfish Bay:
    • Crawfish Collectibles - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Crawfish Bay Nutrient Caches - Collect all 10 Caches
    Fawtick Bayou:
    • Bayou Bric-a-Brac - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Bad Day Sunshine - Destroy the Target (Muskellunge)
    • Midwest Zest - Destroy the Target (Muskellunge)
    • See You Later, Alligator - Destroy the Target (Alligator)
    • What's the Crocodilly, Yo? - Destroy the Target (Alligator)
    • Fawtick Bayou Nutrient Caches - Collect all 17 Caches
    • Fawtick Bayou Landmarks - Discover all 10 Landmarks
    Dead Horse Lake:
    • Dead Horse Heirlooms - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Bank On It - Destroy the Target (Alligator)
    • Mouth Like a Sewer - Destroy the Target (Alligator)
    • Nuclear Option - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Take a Bite Out of Organized Crime - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Dead Horse Lake Nutrient Caches - Collect all 14 Caches
    • Beat a Dead Horse - Consume 10 Humans
    • Birds of Passage - Consume 10 Humans
    • Dixie Mafia Disposal Service - Consume 5 Humans
    • Hungry, Hungry for Hobos - Consume 8 Humans
    • Dead Horse Lake Landmarks - Discover all 10 Landmarks
    Golden Shores:
    • Golden Goods - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Between Two Holes - Destroy the Target (Mako)
    • I Spit On Your Cave - Destroy the Target (Mako)
    • Neighborhood Fang Problem - Destroy the Target (Barracuda)
    • Prima Sphyraena - Destroy the Target (Barracuda)
    • Golden Shores Nutrient Caches - Collect all 17 Caches
    • Ace in the Hole - Consume 10 Humans
    • Block Buster - Consume 8 Humans
    • Golden Opportunity - Consume 12 Humans
    • In the Rough - Consume 8 Humans
    • Golden Shores Landmarks - Discover all 8 Landmarks
    Sapphire Bay:
    • Sapphire Souvenirs - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Fisherman's Friend - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Hammer It Out - Destroy the Target (Hammerhead)
    • Marlin of Error - Destroy the Target (Marlin)
    • Treasure Hunt - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Sapphire Bay Nutrient Caches - Collect all 19 Caches
    • Bay for Blood - Consume 10 Humans
    • Big Mama's House - Consume 10 Humans
    • Come to the Light - Consume 12 Humans
    • Payback's a Beach - Consume 15 Humans
    • Sapphire Bay Landmarks - Discover all 8 Landmarks
    Prosperity Sands:
    • Prosperity Prizes - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • A Hard Day's White - Destroy the Target (Great White)
    • Jump the Shark - Destroy the Target (Great White)
    • Make It Happen - Destroy the Target (Mako)
    • Wish Sewer Here - Destroy the Target (Barracuda)
    • Prosperity Sands Nutrient Caches - Collect all 12 Caches
    • Beach Bummer - Consume 15 Humans
    • Chopping Spree - Consume 10 Humans
    • Raving Lunatic - Consume 15 Humans
    • What's Up, Docks? - Consume 10 Humans
    • Prosperity Sands Landmarks - Discover all 10 Landmarks
    Caviar Key:
    • Caviar Keypsakes - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Hammer? Please Hurt 'Em - Destroy the Target (Hammerhead)
    • Jaws for Alarm - Destroy the Target (Great White)
    • Something to Pond-er - Destroy the Target (Marlin)
    • Trawl in a Day's Work - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Caviar Key Nutrient Caches - Collect all 13 Caches
    • Construction Bite - Consume 10 Humans
    • Pond Scum - Consume 10 Humans
    • Skate and Die - Consume 15 Humans
    • Walk This Way - Consume 10 Humans
    • Caviar Key Landmarks - Discover all 8 Landmarks
    The Gulf:
    • Gulf Gewgaws - Collect all 10 License Plates
    • Any Fin Goes - Destroy the Target (Great White)
    • Sewer Cetacean - Destroy the Target (Sperm Whale)
    • The Legend of Bobby Lee's Gold - Destroy the Target (Boat)
    • Whale-Heeled - Destroy the Target (Orca)
    • The Gulf Nutrient Cache - Collect all 21 Caches
    • A Fright at the Museum - Consume 10 Humans
    • Reef Chow Fun - Consume 5 Humans
    • Routine Maintenance - Consume 5 Humans
    • Undiscovered Treasure - Consume 5 Humans
    • The Gulf Landmarks - Discover all 9 Landmarks
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Fawtick Bayou

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: Sea Change. The Fawtick Bayou Apex Predator is a level 20 alligator that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Dead Horse Lake

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: Making a Splash. The Dead Horse Lake Apex Predator is a level 10 barracuda that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Golden Shores

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: Sea Change. The Golden Shores Apex Predator is a level 15 mako that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Sapphire Bay

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: Blood is Thicker Than Water. The Sapphire Bay Apex Predator is a level 21 hammerhead that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Prosperity Sands

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: The Great White Way. The Prosperity Sands Apex Predator is a level 29 great white shark that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in Caviar Key

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: Whale, Hello There. The Caviar Key Apex Predator is a level 40 Orca that you need to defeat.
  • Kill the Apex Predator in The Gulf

    Story-related; this is completed during the chapter: The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea. The Gulf Apex Predator is a level 60 sperm whale that you need to defeat.
  • Destroy all Apex Predators

    Story-related; this will unlock after earning the "I Thought You were Tough" achievement.
  • Survived Again

    Story-related; this is unlocked following the encounter with Scaly Pete at the end of the Blood is Thicker Than Water chapter.
  • Get revenge

    Story-related; this is unlocked for defeating the final boss at the end of The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea chapter.
  • Find all nutrient caches

    Nutrient caches give you large amounts of upgrade materials for collecting each one.

    See "Garbage Collector" for all collectible locations.
  • Reach Infamy Level 1

    See "Infamy Level 10" for more information.
  • Reach Infamy Level 10

    To raise your infamy, you need to attack humans and their boats. This will send shark hunters after you and killing them will also raise your infamy even more. Reaching the max of an infamy level will send a mini-boss after you and eating them will cause your infamy to rank up. The story requires you to raise your infamy to rank 6, so you’ll complete most of the ranks as part of the story. With that in mind, you can complete all of the ranks by continuing to attack humans and beating the mini-bosses before completing the story, but the mini-bosses will get more difficulty with each rank up.

    The final two mini-bosses use shark shields, which damage you when you are close to their ship. The part that powers the shield is located under the ship, so focus on destroying that part of the ship at the beginning of the fight.
  • Find all landmarks

    Landmarks are points of interest that usually reference a TV show/movie or other form a media. They are marked with a yellow sign and can be found underwater and on land.

    See "Garbage Collector" for all collectible locations.
  • Find all license plates

    Licenses plates can be found underwater, but are often on land and in the sky forcing you to jump out of the water to reach them.

    The maps below show all the collectible locations in the game by region, including the landmarks ("Tourist") and nutrient caches ("Deep Sea Explorer"). I recommend upgrading your Sonar ability and spamming it all the time to mark these on your map as you move around. It is important to know that some of these are located in sewers and past grates that will require you to level up before you can enter.

DLC: Truth Quest (Store Link)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 350 points

  • Defeated Terranova

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    Terranova is the final human boss of the DLC, and after completing all of the story objectives on your map, you'll be required to reach Infamy Level 5. This must be done in the DLC area where you Infamy starts over from zero; Infamy from the base game doesn't carry over. Getting up to Infamy Level 5 and then this boss fight are the toughest human fights in this DLC. Things getting pretty crazy compared to the base game. You'll fight tons of tough boats from the base game, including many with the electric shields, then helicopters will be introduced (you can either jump up and bite them or try to grab things to throw at them), then heavily armored long boats, and all at once. The boats at Infamy 4 and 5, and then this boss, are all huge and heavily armored. However, I had great success with the Bone Body active ability. I used it and then alternated between lunging at the boats and biting them, and they got destroyed very quickly. I didn't struggle at all with the boats using this ability, so I recommend using the active ability and then just charging and lunging at them over and over until they explode.
  • Began the quest for the truth

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This achievement will unlock after completing the "Pilot Episode," which has a few objectives and is actually done as part of the base game right after the main story is completed. Once it's done and you actually travel to the new region for this DLC, this achievement will unlock.
  • Reached Level 40

    As the description says, you'll need to level up to level 40. This is actually unavoidable while you work towards completing this DLC, as you will unavoidably reach level 40 (even if you start this DLC after finishing every single thing in the base game) well before finishing everything on your map and unlocking "I Can Handle the Truth." No grinding or farming is necessary, so don't bother to go out of your way for any experience anywhere.
  • Acquired 100% of the Atomic evolution set

    The Atomic evolution set is a new set of Head, Teeth, Body, Fins, and Tail that you can acquire during this DLC. You will unavoidably acquire all five pieces just from completing this DLC (i.e. all story missions and side content), but just in case you want to seek out each one specifically, here is where each is obtained:
    • Teeth - You will unlock this early in the story after destroying your first Comm Tower (where the game teaches you about throwing people or explosives at it)
    • Head - Discover all Landmarks in the Plover Island Complex (new DLC region)
    • Body - Awarded for killing the Shadow Orca (which is a story quest)
    • Fins - Awarded for killing the Electric Great White Shark (which is a story quest)
    • Tail - Awarded for killing the Bone Sperm Whale (which is a story quest)
    As soon as you get the last piece, this achievement unlocks. You don't need to equip them all for this achievement.
  • Completed all objectives in the Plover Island Complex

    Just like with the corresponding achievements in the base game, you'll need to complete everything on your map in the new DLC region, Plover Island Complex. This includes:
    • All story missions
    • All target missions
    • All human consume missions
    • All landmarks
    • All license plates
    • All caches
    • All time trials
    • All Truth Questers
    Everything aside from the landmarks, license plates, and caches will be marked on your map automatically as you progress the story and complete side missions. Just like with the base game, use your sonar as you clear your map and you'll unavoidably mark all three collectibles on your map in the process. If you're struggling with any time trials, refer to "Perfect Timing" for more information. For the locations of the Truth Questers, refer to "Fan Fare."
  • Completed all available objectives in Truth Quest

    This achievement requires you to complete every new activity in the entire game that was added with this DLC. The first half is completing everything needed for "Island Queen" above, which has a breakdown of all activities in the new region. The other half is completing all of the new activities in the base game regions. After you progress the story enough in this DLC, you'll travel back to the base game regions and will have many new activities added to your map, both story missions and side missions. You'll need to complete everything on your map again to unlock this achievement. All side missions are automatically marked on your map along with story missions, so just go around and complete them all. "Perfect Timing" has more information on the time trials in case you're struggling with any, and "Fan Fare" has the locations of the Truth Questers in each relevant region.
    Once you've cleared your entire map again in both regions, you'll unlock this achievement. You can track your progress by bringing up the map screen and tabbing to your objective tab. In the upper right will be a Truth Quest title with a progress bar under it, and this progress bar tracks all DLC activities needed for this achievement. In general, you want to have no objectives left on the left hand side of the objective tab.
  • Defeated the Electric Great White

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 
    Refer to "Bone Breaker" for more information.
  • Defeated the Shadow Orca

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 
    Refer to "Bone Breaker" for more information.
  • Defeated the Bone Sperm Whale

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    All three of these mini-bosses are story missions. Each one takes a standard enemy from the game and gives them a full set of one of the armors you've collected during the base game, making them a little more dangerous. However, I found all of my normal strategies to work just fine: I used the fully upgraded Shadow Teeth and Bone everything else, and just lunged and bit over and over, dodging when it looked like they were going to do a tail whip, and I had zero problems killing each mini-boss very quickly. You can always flee to eat stuff to regain health, and the mini-boss won't regenerate health (but it will chase you).
  • Defeated the Atomic Leviathan

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    The Atomic Leviathan is the final boss of the DLC and is significantly more difficult than anything you've encountered in the base game or DLC. If you go in with your normal strategies, it is likely to destroy you over and over again. It has an armor bar that you need to first deplete before you can start removing its health, and after a few seconds its armor fully regenerates, making it a potentially long fight. On top of that, once you get it down to around a third of its health left, it summons all four mini-bosses from the DLC (Bone Sperm Whale, Electric Great White, etc.) to also attack you, making things extremely hectic and deadly. There is also very little food for you to swim around and eat, plus the boss can very easily catch up to you to grab and thrash you.
    Here is the build I used:
    • Atomic Body - for its active ability, more on that below
    • Bone everything else - for the damage resistance
    • Hearty (for increased health)
    • Reinforced Cartilage (for damage resistance)
    • Healing Factor (to regen health)
    • Brutal Muscles (to improve swim speed)
    The general strategy I used is this: go into the fight with the active ability of your Atomic Body already charged. Activate it, and shoot lasers at the Leviathan over and over until it runs out. You should be able to take off its armor and a good chunk of its health in the first use. Now swim away and look for creatures to eat to refill your active ability. You will need to dash the entire time and sometimes dodge too, because the Leviathan is fast and will catch up to you and eat/thrash you. This is where the damage resistance from Bone armor and Cartilage come in very handy. Once you eat enough to refill your ability, activate it, and now since the Leviathan will likely be on you, I would shoot a laser, dodge, shoot another laser, dodge, etc., until it ran out. The second usage should definitely trigger the addition of the four mini-bosses, and the Leviathan's armor will refill. Now you need to avoid all five enemies while eating stuff to refill your ability. The Brutal Muscles should keep you fast enough to do so, just dodge like crazy too. Once you've filled up your ability again, the toughest part here is making sure all laser shots hit the Leviathan and not one of the other mini-bosses in your way. Repeat the same process as the second usage, alternating between laser and dodge, but making sure to dodge such that you move away from any enemies potentially blocking your lasers from hitting the Leviathan.
    If all goes well, that third usage should be able to finish it off. Personally, I had an enemy get in the way of two shots and I wasn't able to kill the Leviathan with it. I charged in and bit my way through its armor and last two bites of health, but that is extremely risky to do. All it takes is for multiple enemies to stun lock you by eating you and thrashing you over and over again, ruining your attempt entirely. Play it safe and keep your distance as much as possible, especially once the mini-bosses join the fight, as things can get very frustrating very quickly. Once you destroy the Leviathan, this achievement will unlock immediately and all other mini-bosses will leave you alone and then disappear.
    Lastly is a quick description of how the laser works, because I struggled a lot to understand exactly how to use it properly since the game doesn't really explain it. You're going to activate your ability with button-y.png first, then you need to make sure you're facing the Leviathan (or any enemy you want to shoot). Hold rt.png for a second or two to charge up the laser, then release rt.png to shoot the blast. You should be able to get off a solid six laser shots before your ability drains all the way. It really becomes a matter of continually holding and releasing rt.png over and over to shoot blast after blast. I just wanted to offer this explanation since the game didn't make it clear at all how to use this laser.
  • Ate all the Questers

    This DLC comes with a new type of collectible: Truth Questers, which are humans wearing tin foil hats. There are 10 of them added with this DLC - three in the new region and one in each of the seven main regions of the base game. Unfortunately, unlike other collectibles, sonar doesn't add them to your map. They'll only be indicated when you get pretty close to them. As a result, you'll definitely need a guide to find them all since they'll all tucked away in various corners of the maps. Refer to the video below; full credit to the creator.

  • Completed 100% of the Time Trials

    This DLC adds a bunch of time trials to the list of open world activities. You will be required to complete around three time trials during the DLC story missions in the new region, but upon returning back to the base game regions, you'll see many more time trials added to your map to complete. Each one involves swimming through a series of rings, getting to each one before time runs out. 
    There are three main aspects to these time trials:
    1. Moving fast enough to actually reach each ring before time runs out. I found this to be a non issue. You can apparently equip the entire Shadow armor set to boost your speed, but I did every single one with my regular gear (Shadow Teeth and Bone everything else) thanks to the fully upgraded Brutal Muscles. This gives a 30% boost to swim speed and it made reaching each ring trivial. Just press and hold lt.png until your sprint ends, then release and press and hold it again. 
    2. Moving from ring to ring on land. This is necessary in a handful of time trials. I never had any issues with having enough breath (again, with my normal gear above, plus being Mega evolution so having maximum lung capacity). I'm sure you're used to it by this point, but the fastest way to move forward on land is to just mash lt.png to keep lunging forward. 
    3. Jumping up through high rings, especially ones on a bridge. This is really the only difficult part of time trials, in my opinion, since almost every single one ends with a ring high up on a bridge, and many have other high rings through in before the end. This is the only place where some skill is required. 
    There are two methods of jumping up high enough to reach those high rings:
    • The first is the one the game essentially wants you to do, which is breach out of the water from below the surface. 
    • The second is jumping up while "knifing" on the surface. 
    Both work pretty similarly, but it's critical to know what buttons to use to get the necessary height. Starting with the first method, while underwater you're going to need to angle yourself properly to jump up and out and still move toward the ring so you clear the bridge. This is pretty tough to do since you can't see much above the surface, and why I opted for the second method below. Once you're lined up, press and hold lt.png to dash towards the surface. Right before you get to the surface, press button-a.png to jump and breach through the surface (you can let go of lt.png at this point). Then, in mid air, press button-a.png again to double jump. Then press lt.png to lunge further. So it's lt.png to dash, button-a.png to breach, button-a.png to double jump, then lt.png to lunge. This will guarantee you the height every time when done properly, but getting the right angle can be tough to judge while underwater. 
    The second method is to jump from the surface of the water instead of starting underwater. The inputs are almost identical minus the first lt.png to dash. From the surface, press button-a.png to jump off the water, button-a.png again to double jump, and then lt.png lunge. I found this to be a more reliable method since you can judge the distance to the ring and bridge easier. I was able to get the height using this method on every single time trial, so I can assure it is possible. 
    Use whichever method you're better at though, and don't hesitate to practice a bit until you get it down, since you'll need to do it at the end of just about every time trial.

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