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    Kill a Juggernaut in Survival and live to tell the tale.

    Kill a Juggernaut while in Survival mode. To get to Survival mode go to Single Player and select Survival. Juggernauts should begin to spawn about 18 minutes into the game and once it does you need to kill it. Once it is dead it will start a self destruct sequence, so you need to stay away from it. The juggernaut is like an upgraded drone (those flying robots that shoot green lasers). It flies and shoots fire balls and heat-seeking missiles. Click Here for a screenshot of the juggernaut.

    Survival Mode Tips (Thanks msane):

    - Run around the level before any enemies spawn gathering weapons and ammo. That way you won't have an auto-pickup screw you up later.
    - Circle-strafe a lot and don't stand still much. The times I died were because I got stuck on something and then got killed.
    - There are 4 health spawns, and I think the Juggernaut shows up after the third health spawn.
    - Try to get enemies to fight each other and group up. Then hit them with the rocket launcher.
    - Some levels are easier to navigate than others. Find one that works for you and restart until you get the one you want
    - An easy way to kill the juggernaut is to shoot dual shotguns into his back (thanks Kaji)
    If you'd rather not do any work whatsoever, simply follow this strategy laid out by Disc07:
    Go to the level with the stairs on one side, lifts on the other, and the little room with the Fusion Pistol hovering above the center of the level. If you take a gander at the map using the D-Pad it should be called: "Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers"

    Go and camp up in the center room where the Fusion Pistol is. Circle around the room and camp in the corners watching the doors for enemies that can shoot projectiles at you. The stronger of the F'lickta can shoot fireballs at you, the S'pht's Alien guns can cause some damage, but the thing you should watch out for most are grenades thrown by the Drinniol, they can take down a half - full health bar at a time.
    You can now just camp up in this room until everyone below has killed off the Juggernaut. You'll know the Juggernaut is dead when your screen goes white and you feel a massive explosion. The achievement will unlock even if you havn't fired a shot. Enjoy!
    IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Jjaro Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement.

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