King Pfhor a Day Achievement

  • King Pfhor a Day



    Outscore all the other players (at least 3) combined in a KOTH or KTMWTB game.

    Win a King of The Hill or Kill The Man With The Ball game (Split-Screen, System Link or Xbox Live) and get more time with the ball/in the hill than all your opponent's times added together.

    NOTE: You can give yourself this achievement by signing in three guests and starting either a KOTH or KTMWTB split-screen game. When the game starts go to the hill/ball and just hold it/stand in the hill for a few seconds. To pick up the ball you simply have to walk over it. Then end the game and you should get the achievement.

    IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Jjaro Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement.

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  • All multiplayer achievements can be done offline via split screen using four controllers. If you want to do them that way. I simply did because I can't find people to play with anymore.

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