You Think You're Big Time Achievement

  • You Think You're Big Time



    Win a multiplayer game with at least 4 players in every map in the Total Carnage Netmap Pack.

    Win at least 1 game (any gametype) on each map in the Total Carnage Netmap Pack. Each game must have at least 4 players (this can be you plus 3 guests). The fastest gametype is a Deathmatch with the kill limit set to 5. Just go around the map and kill your guests (or friends if you don't have enough controllers).

    There are 12 maps in the Total Carnage Pack: Fortress Lh'owon, Melatonin, Reverof Nohtaram, Delusions of Grandeur, Thick and Chunky, Return to Waldo, Beyond Thunderdome, Carnage Palace Deeee-Luxe, Wrath No More?, Duality, Mime Target and You don't need to see my I.D.

    IMPORTANT: You must go to Help & Options --> Settings --> Content Packs and select Total Carnage Netmap Pack in order to be able unlock this achievement and to be able to play on the maps.

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  • Hmm i still need to get the map pack
  • All multiplayer achievements can be done offline via split screen using four controllers. If you want to do them that way. I simply did because I can't find people to play with anymore.

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