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    You want to join the 7th Column?

    This is a viral achievement. One person started with it and it has spread from there. To get it you must kill someone who has the achievement. Just play some Xbox Live games and you'll get it. You don't have to win. You'll get the achievement in the post-game lobby. If you're in a hurry, you can also check out the achievement trading thread HERE to try and find someone who will let you kill them, so you can get the achievement.

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  • anyone wanna help me out with this
  • If anyone can help me with this, I'll help them with any other achievement in the game except DLC and "Hats off to 819". GT:SkullFire58
  • I finally have the achievement, thanks to assassin drew. If anyone needs this achievement, send a freind request to SkullFire58 saying that you want World Domination for Marathon.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm gonna be really busy this year so I won't be able to help anyone with "World Domination" until the summer. Sorry again.
  • I also have the World Domination Achievement thanks to SkullFire58. If anyone needs it I can help with it since he is busy. gt Tammy Tee if you send me a request please let me know that it is for the World Domination Achievement otherwise I will just delete it since I don't know who you are. Thanks
  • What do you have to actually do?
  • Never mind I found out how.
  • If anyone could help me get this achievement just send me a message over live my gt is III Mania III
  • If anyone out there still has this and has a few minutes to spare, send me a message on Live because there aren't many people online with it.
  • My post is now changing to... If anyone out there still wants this let me know as I now have it. I am willing to help people get this. But due to respect for Bungie and Marathon, you will have to genuinely kill me to get it. Not too worry I am not very good and either way I will make sure you get it. I battled a pro and was surprised after killing him once (though I had died about 30 times first haha) that it popped up as I didn't even know he had that achievement, lucky me in 2013. And so now I am willing to help you all.
  • Might pick up this game but what is this achievement
  • I could use this achievement...
  • I need some help with this achievement
  • If you're a fellow Achievement Hunter, and you need help with this one, hit me up. Someone was nice enough to help me, I'll pass it on to at least one other person.
  • I don't see a way to edit my previous message, so I'll just double-post. I've given this to plenty of people in the past few years. No more, time for others to step in.

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