#1 in the Hood Achievement

  • #1 in the Hood



    Win 100 Ranked Matches online.

    There's no real tactic for this achievement. Just practice and good luck online especially with all the pros and spammers. If your having trouble finding a match just create your own room and wait for someone to enter or look under custom matches. Quick Matches rarely show any results. If you want to check your progress you can go into the Leaderboard and look under "My Score" showing the amount of Wins and Loses you have.
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • Can this be done with someone else who has this game, or does it match you up with randoms?
  • Anyone wanna boost and get this?? My xbla name is carweezy f 85. Just send a friend request.
  • Anybody that wants to get this achievement please add me DaTruMonster
  • id be willing to lose a 100 in a row if you are, add me for help gt: xx HEH8TEME xx
  • Willing to lose 100 in a row as well if helped with this achievement. GT: Darth Bad
  • Willing to get all online achievements anybody,don't care how it's done,just want all of these lol. GT: ajwsmack
  • Need this achievement and willing to help with it as well.... My Gamertag is..... Darth Bad..... Message me before hand so i can know which game you want to complete with me.....
  • Looking to do these achievements. Add me: WinglessFoot (that's my gamertag)
  • is anyone wants to boost, lust message me on xbl GT: tmw666
  • Anybody willing to boost this achievement with me? please? add my GT: METALMANIAK666
  • hit my gt up for boosting my gt is ICE COLD DIABLO
  • looking to boost this and the other online cheevos gt is DaTruMonster
  • any wanna wants to do this with me send me a message on xbox gt (dalastoutlaw606)
  • Looking to do this and the 50 one-character wins. I'll help out with any you need as well. Send friend request and message saying MVC2. GT: ElementalWeapon
  • If anyone is still looking to do this along with the other online achievements add/ message me on xbox and I am fully dedicated to getting these done! Gamertag: OmegaWeaponVIII
  • I am very serious about doing the online achievements add me. gt: Conker fan 001

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