Shun Goku Satsu Achievement

  • Shun Goku Satsu



    Perform a 3 part hyper combo. (Multiplayer)

    To perform a 3 part hyper combo you must have 3 Level bars. Basically your going to perform your first characters special, then interrupt the special during the middle of it by inputting your next characters special and then repeat with the last one. This is called a Delayed Hyper Combo (DHC)

    Check your characters movelist for the moveset to do their hyper combos. If your having difficulty reading the game menus movelist then go into the options and read "How to Play" or use these move lists for easier understanding: Marvel/Capcom

    For this achievement you could also just use the same character 3 times (If your playing Local). You can use Cables Hyper Viper 3 times +.

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