The Best There Is (At What I Do) Achievement

  • The Best There Is (At What I Do)



    Perform 50 One Character Victories within 20 unique teams. (Ranked Match)

    A One Character Victory is when you win using only one character, the one you started with. Do this 50 times with your last 20 unique teams. View more details on unique teams in Step#3 of the Roadmap.

    This will be quite a challenge, i cant give you a specific tactic besides train. You cannot switch characters however you can use assist. I recommend using your best character and the best assists that fit your play style. To keep track of your One character Victories you can check under gamercards HERE.
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • I dont get it
  • you just have to be a beast at the game or have someone lose for you. you have a team of 3, the first person that you pick and have as your starting fighter is the character at which your going to have to defeat your opponents 3 characters with you can have your other 2 characters used as assists, you just cant bring them out and use them
  • Looking for someone to do these with. Also would like to do the 50 and 100 wins, so if your down, let me know. GT: Pusherman
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  • A note for boosting; having the player who will lose the match just quit out will count as a win for the other and will net them the 50 and 100 wins achievements but in order to get the 50 1 character victories you must actually fight through the match. So quit out of 50 then fight 50 for the fastest results.
  • Looking to do this one and the 100 wins in particular, but also the other MP ones. Am willing to help others with any they may need as well. Send a friend invite with a message saying "MVC2". GT: ElementalWeapon
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