Drax the Dismemberer Achievement

  • Drax the Dismemberer



    Dismember an Inquisitor with Drax's Call to Action.

    Chapter 7 (and many others after) 

    The Inquisitor enemy first makes its appearance in Chapter 7, but then shows up in many chapters for the rest of the game. The screenshot below shows what they look like.

    As with all of the achievements for interrupting an enemy with a specific character's Call to Action, you need to weaken the enemy and fill up their Stagger meter. The best abilities to stagger enemies are Drax's abilities and Quill's Eye of the Hurricane ability. Once they are staggered, you will get a button-y.png​​​​​​​ prompt while looking at them. Do so, and one of your allies will do a Call to Action. You unfortunately have no control over which ally attacks, so if it isn't Drax for this achievement, you can reload your checkpoint to try again. 

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