Adding Injury to Insult Achievement

  • Adding Injury to Insult



    Defeat 10 enemies affected by Drax's Wrath of Katath ability.

    This ability automatically unlocks during Chapter 12. It essentially applies a huge amount of Stagger to an enemy and moderate Stagger to nearby ones. For this achievement, you simply need to kill those enemies while they are Staggered.

    While this ability unlocks quite late in the game, it's pretty easy to get kills for this achievement. Using this ability on/around regular enemies makes it very quick and easy to simple gun them down to finish them off. Alternatively, you can use this Drax ability to Stagger enemies followed immediately by Rocket's grenade to kill all enemies in the area.

    As with other combat achievements, you could grind this in a single combat encounter by using the ability and getting kills, then reloading your checkpoint to repeat until you unlock this achievement.

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