Herbal Remedy Achievement

  • Herbal Remedy



    Revive or Heal Companions 10 times with Groot's Gift of the Florae.

    This ability unlocks automatically at the start of Chapter 14. This ability can either be used directly from the ability wheel like any other ability, or it can trigger automatically if you get killed. Regardless of how this ability triggers, it will always impact every Guardian, not just one. So, for example, if this ability triggers when you die, you will get revived (counting as one of the ten times for this achievement) and any allies who have been damaged will also be healed (potentially counting another four times of the ten times for this achievement). As a result of this, you will unlock this achievement in three usages of this ability, most likely. I personally just saved it for if I got killed, and each time I was revived I made 40% progress towards this achievement. If you wait for an ally to get downed and use the ability, you can guarantee the rest of your allies have also been damaged and will get healed too, contributing even more toward this achievement.

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