Lore Hoarder Achievement

  • Lore Hoarder



    Collect 65 % of all Galactic Compendium entries of each category.

    When you press button-page.png and tab over to your Galactic Compendium, you will see it broken down into six categories: Characters, Factions, Creatures, Places, Items, and Archives. For this achievement, you must collect at least 65% of the entries in each of the six categories. A quick rundown of each of the six sections:
    • Characters - All of these will unlock with natural story progression. No exploration or scanning with the visor is required
    • Factions - Same as above
    • Creatures - Same as above
    • Places - Same as above
    • Items - These come from a multiude of sources. Many are story related and will be obtained automatically, another chunk can be bought on Knowhere during Chapter 6, another big chunk comes from Guardian Collectibles (you need to collect the Guardian Collectible and then interact with it on your ship and use all dialogue options to unlock its entry in the Items category), and lastly a couple more come from specific dialogue choices. Since you will get many from the story progression, and since you'll be collecting many Guardian Collectibles for Managerial Skills (30G) and Thoughtful Captain (15G), as long as you interact with the Guardian Collectibles on the ship you will collect enough items that way
    • Archives - These are pure collectibles littered around all of the various areas of the game, but remember you only need to find 65% of them not all of them
    As you can see, Items and Archives are the only things we need to actually pay attention to and collect for this achievement. The video guide in Managerial Skills (30G) shows all Items and Archives in the game (and all Guardian Collectibles too) in chronological order. Please refer to it for finding these collectibles. However, a few important notes to add.

    NOTE 1: The decision you make in Chapter 3 causes Chapter 4 to play out entirely differently, and the Archives are split depending on which choice you made (two are available on one path and two on the other). However, since you don't need all collectibles for any achievements, there is no need to replay Chapters 3 and 4 to get the Archives you missed.

    NOTE 2: In Chapter 6 on Knowhere, there are many Items you can buy with your units. I highly recommend you only buy the first two (lottery ticket and force lock disabler) because they're the cheapest. It's very important you make sure you have enough units when you finish Chapter 6 that you can still afford to pay your Nova Corps fine for Galactic Frugality (15G). Worst case, don't buy anything on Knowhere if you aren't sure how many you need. There are enough Items in the game that the five in Knowhere won't mess up this achievement.

    NOTE 3: If you follow the video guide in Managerial Skills (30G) for all Items and Archives, and interact with all Guardian Collectibles on your ship, you should unlock this achievement at the end of Chapter 11. Chapter 11 adds a bunch of Characters to your compendium, and for me, it pushed me over the 65% in that category to unlock this achievement. If your achievement doesn't unlock there, don't worry - continue on with the video guide and you should have plenty of Items and Archives left to collect.
  • So I beat the game and I’m still missing the character between Mantis and Hovat and Kamari’s...any thoughts to remedy this?

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