Galactic Frugality Achievement

  • Galactic Frugality



    Pay your Nova Corps fine.

    This is a multi step achievement that takes place over multiple chapters. Even though it isn't missable because of Chapter Select, you potentially will need to play through many consecutive chapters over again if you need to attempt this again via Chapter Select. 

    Chapter 2 - right at the start of this chapter, when talking with Nova Corps on your ship, you'll be given the option to hide the llama or crate of parts before they board your ship. If you hide the llama you'll get a 7000 unit fine, hide the parts you'll get an 8000 unit fine, or if you hide neither you'll get a 9000 unit fine for both. You'll get enough money in the next step no matter which option you choose. 

    Chapter 4 - during this chapter you will end up in a vault. During this point, you'll have the opportunity to steal as many units as possible from the vault. If you steal all available units (they glow yellow in your visor), you should be around 11,000 units when done with this chapter. 

    Chapter 6 - there are a ton of things to spend money on in Knowhere. You can spend money on some items or a Guardian Collectible if you want, but none is required for any achievements. Either way, just make sure you save enough for the fine payment later. 

    Chapter 9 - when you reach Xandar and pull up the panel to send a message to Worldmind, choose 'Past Crime,' then 'Pay A Fine.' After the lengthy conversation, choose to 'Confirm Payment.' This will finally unlock this achievement. 

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