Eat It, Rodent Achievement

  • Eat It, Rodent



    Win the bet against Rocket.

    Chapter 1

    Shortly into this chapter, Rocket will point out some hanging parasite pods, destroy them, and then challenge you to see who can destroy the most. You'll see a retro videogame style scoreboard come up on the top of the screen. From this point until around halfway through the chapter, you'll encounter many more of these parasite pods (roughly 40-50 total), and you'll need to destroy more of them than Rocket does in order to unlock this achievement.

    While you may notice quite a few on your own, the easiest way to spot them is to use your visor (analog-right.png) which highlights them yellow, making them stand out quite a bit from everything else. Also be aware that you can shoot them from virtually any distance so long as you can see them. You can essentially progress through the chapter with your visor on the entire time, only taking it off to actually shoot, and you should have no problems shooting more than Rocket.

    The first main area with many of them is an outdoor open circular area with lots of little bridges in the middle. Rocket will destroy many during this section if you drop down right away with him, but if you hang back up top, you can "snipe" many of them before Rocket has a chance. Even if you jump down and Rocket pulls ahead, there are plenty more to take the lead after that area. It seems like that is the only area where Rocket aggressively attempts to shoot as many as possible. You'll encounter more as you progress, and Rocket won't shoot at them if they're farther away, allowing you to easily take the lead before the end. As a point of reference, I had over 30 points to Rocket's 18 or so by the time we finished.

    Once you get to the end of your travels together outside in space, a cutscene will trigger and if your score is higher, you'll win the bet and unlock this achievement.

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