Missing in Action Achievement

  • Missing in Action



    Save your crew from an overwhelming attack

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression through the game.

    Complete the intro sequence on the Normandy and this will unlock.

  • Sweet achievement!
  • you lie
  • Awesome opening to the 2010 GOTY
  • Def. awesome opening to a game. A lot better then the first one where your talking for half an hour. That's no dig on the first game it had to set everything up. IT's more my fault for having to explore every conversation option possible
  • Epic-est! Chievie! Evar!
  • my jaw dropped from the floor till shepard was alive again:) CRAZY ASWESOME ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!!!
  • @Emfulz: No the cake is a lie.
  • too hard
  • Epic achievement!
  • crazy start of the game!
  • hardest achievement ever guys i think i missed it :D
  • Mind Blasting Start!
  • Nice
  • Easiest achievement I have got :)
  • got a free achievement when i started the game!
  • So u get this just from starting the game? Got it today but haven't played it yet
  • Still here in 2018, confirming this still works in backwards compatibility. You may have to log off and back into XBL to get this to pop, funny enough.

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