The Prodigal Achievement

  • The Prodigal



    Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer

    See “Cat’s in the Cradle

  • I know it doesn't take away from the achievement, but its extremely frustrating trying to get full paragon/renegade before the jack/miranda conflict to calm them both down without losing loyalty =/
  • I know, that's why I waited till I was about 80% Paragon
  • I did Jack and Miranda's quests about halfway through the game with just under half paragon and failed the argument. I went back to the end of Miranda's quest and bumped my combat mastery skill up to the third tier, giving me just over half paragon, and succeeded. So it's probably safest to wait til near the end of the game to finish one of their quests.
  • I was a soldier with max paragon 100% bonus paragon for my class and I was wearing the death mask for an additional 10% and I STILL could not resolve the arguement without loseing loyalty! WTF!
  • To #4: I'm having the same problem. I read the game checks your % of paragon points compared to your total amount of morality points, or checks your total amount of paragon points compared to the total amounts you could possibily have received, or some stupid crap. I guess that makes sense a little, but jeez, at 100% alignment you should get every possible option. I think I'm at 17-18% renegade and 100% paragon. I was able to get Zaeed with paragon and resolve Tali vs. Legion, which I assume work the same way, but not this.

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