Fade Away Achievement

  • Fade Away



    Gain the loyalty of Archangel

    See “Cat’s in the Cradle

    Note: If you don’t let Garrus shoot Sidonis and you don’t have sufficient alignment to rectify the situation, he will not become loyal to you and you will not get the achievement.

  • Got it after I stopped Garrus from shooting Harkin in the leg (LT Paragon)
  • when you find out that 'archangel' is garrus it is like one of the coolest parts in the game!
  • @BossDJ Got it after letting him shoot Harkin in the leg. So I guess the GS-check is different from the loyalty-check.
  • can't do LOL
  • Fade Away unlocked after stopping Garrus from shooting Harkin with a paragon action and before he assassinated Sedonis, (though I let him do it anyway),
  • got it even when he shot harkin. weird
  • Let him shoot Harkin and got it.
  • yeah got this before i even saw sidonis. let him shoot anyway, reallly wanted him too. didn't give me renegade points either ya

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