Doppelganger Achievement

  • Doppelganger



    Help the Justicar resolve her mission

    See “Cat’s in the Cradle

    Note: This is actually quite a frustrating mission if you don’t know how to do it correctly. If you fail to catch Morinth or you kill Samara instead of Morinth (requires sufficient alignment to have the option for this), Samara will not become loyal and you will not get the achievement.

    The part that most people find challenging is actually getting Morinth to take you back to her apartment. To do this, you must select the correct dialogue options. Most of them are located on the bottom left of the dialogue wheel. Once you enter the VIP area, talk to the guy directly on your left. He will give you some info that you will use while talking with Morinth.

    Correct Dialogue Options:
    Art – Vaenia
    Music – Expel 10
    Drugs – Like Hallex?
    Travel – I like danger.
    Power – Power is its own reward.

  • I found this helpful in making the right decisions.
  • Don't forget to look around the apartment and get the Assault Rifle damage upgrade on the wall with the katana.
  • i failed the mission now i have to start a new game :(
  • u could haved saved on the dilelog parts so if u make a mistake u just re-lode
  • really helped alot and i saved twice to see morei
  • This isn't too hard if you look around for clues and talk to people. In the club, I helped the undercover lady, tried to get the turians to fight me (but failed), convinced the bartender to give free drinks, then danced with an asari. After the dancing, Morinth talked to me. When talking, I noticed that, for the most part, the 'right' answers are the bottom left option.

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