Cat's in the Cradle Achievement

  • Cat's in the Cradle



    Gain the loyalty of the Assassin

    By repeated conversations with your squad members on the Normandy (in-between missions), they will eventually come to you for help about a certain situation. Agree and offer to give them help, and you will be given their loyalty mission. Next time you visit the galaxy map, it will show you where to go for each loyalty mission you have (a little note will pop up, EX: “Help Thane”).

    Thane’s loyalty mission is another many seem to have difficulty with. There are two key factors in failing:

    •   If you lose sight of the Turian diplomat, you lose your lead, and you will fail.
    •   At the end, if you don’t disarm Kolyat and stop the assassination, you will fail.

    You can also assassinate the target yourself (Renegade) and still get Thane's loyalty.

  • Refers to the song of the same name, fits nicely with the lyrics
  • I actually stopped him and I still got this achievement.
  • IF you fail.. skip the cutscene.. and reload the latest autoave ( quick ) and replay the part you failed on.. Tested and can confirm it works.

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