Mission Accomplished Achievement

  • Mission Accomplished



    Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation

    This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression through the game.

    Complete the game on any difficulty and this will unlock. If you aren’t to concerned about the side missions on your playthrough keep completing the Illusive Man’s missions.

  • Awesome ending! can't wait for ME3
  • playtime:15 h and some minutes
  • Kelly dies if you don't leave to rescue her and other crew members straight away once they've been abducted! Stupid secret requirement, so I think that follows straight after the IFF mission, so you need to be ready! The annoying thing was that I WAS ready (had explored and probed every planet 100% and done all missions), but I was just making sure everything was in order first! ...Before the IFF mission I supposed you have to dock at a base (Citadel, etc) and make sure your team points are all allocated - then go back to the ship and land again with 2 different teammates to allocate their points, repeat till everyone's done. Crazy system!

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