Against All Odds Achievement

  • Against All Odds



    Survive suicide mission

    See “No One Left Behind” for complete information.

    For this achievement, only Commander Shepard has to survive (you will have 2 squad members as well), so the requirements are less strict. But if you’re going to get that achievement, you will get this one as well.

  • if you are looking because you beat the game and didnt get this one, and not sure why, i think it is because you let shepard die. i have heard he can die and then joker is the one who reports to the illusive man, but this hasnt happened to me. just hopeing to help someone who is confused...
  • The actual description says it all. Leave NO one behind. All your squad members must be alive at the end of the mission, not just Shepard. I have the strategy guide so i used it to its fullest. Just send the Salarian back to the Normandy with the rescued survivors at the last mission and you should get it.
  • I'm thinking #2 commented on the wrong achievement because you don't need to have everyone alive by the end of this to unlock it. Just finish the suicide mission as Shepard and don't let him die, and you should get this.
  • If you want Kelly to survive you have to leave to rescue the crew straight away, ready or not! Stupid secret conditions are very annoying. I was ready to go anyway, but had to feed the fish, LOL. Craziness.

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