Insanity Achievement

  • Insanity



    Complete the game on the "Insanity" difficulty level without changing the setting

    You need to complete the game on Insanity difficulty setting, this may seem fairly straightforward if you have played through the first game but be prepared. This time around you will be tested. It will require planning and patience.

    • Level up your character. Make sure to do the side-missions.
    • Make good use of cover and all abilities, if you run around in the open you won’t last long. Make sure to use your armor and shield destroying powers.
    • Make sure you also upgrade your weapons and armor
    • Balance your team; make sure you have a long range and short-range crewmember with you.
    • Know your enemy. Learn the attack patterns and weaknesses of your foes, and exploit them to your advantage.

    Squad Members:
    Miranda is possibly the best squad member to use, as she has both overload and warp to take out barriers and armor, as well as overload to combat shields. Cerberus Operative (passive power) will also boost your squads damage output.

    Grunt is another good member to use. He is a damage sponge; packing strong shields and a good amount of health. When you unlock fortification (loyalty power), he gets even better. He also has a good damage output.

    Legion has some great synergy with Miranda. When you unlock the researchable sniper rifle for him, he does some great damage. Partnered with Miranda's Cerberus Operative power, he's lethal at long ranges and can rip through armor.

    The Sentinel and Soldier are the strongest classes to tackle Insanity.

    The sentinel is very durable and versatile. It packs both biotic and tech powers, and can take down armor, shields, and barriers. It's tech armor power is an extremely strong shield boost that lasts until destroyed, which will result in an AoE explosion, damaging everything around you, and it also boosts the damage of your other powers. When you hit the higher ranks, you can take a real beating before it breaks. The Defender passive power provides even more survivability by boosting health and it also gives you other bonuses like damage. Overall, it's a very strong class.

    Tip: Reave is a good bonus ability for a sentinel. (unlockable or research advanced training). It's like a super-powered warp. It gives you a health boost and does double damage to armor and shields. Another great option is warp ammo, which can really boost your damage output and help take down those pesky barriers and armored enemies.

    The soldier is a pure combat focused class. It possesses a high damage output and good survivability. It also has strong combat abilities to boost it's damage and effectiveness; incendiary ammo helps to take down armor, and disruptor ammo is very effective against shields. Concussive shot knocks down enemies and gives you a little breathing room, and adrenaline rush will cause you to go into slow-mo, allowing you to do some real damage unpressured.

    Tip: Warp ammo is devastating on a soldier. With the Revenant LMG, you can tear through armor and barriers with it turned on. Research it if you can with advanced training, or use it if you unlocked it and are starting a new playthrough. Another option is to take a defensive power like shield boost, barrier, or fortification, which will greatly improve your survivability.

    Should I just blow through the game without doing side-missions?
    No, it is suggested that you do the side-missions and mineral grinding. You don't have to do every single quest or survive the suicide mission for the achievement, but you need to keep your weapons and armor upgraded or the enemies will become too difficult for you to take down as the game progresses.

    Should I make a new character or import a high level?
    You are better off starting a new character imported from a ME1 save, AFTER completing one playthrough of Mass Effect 2. You will get the best of both worlds; ME1 bonus levels, credits, and resources, and for completing ME2 you will get 200,000 credits, plus 50,000 of each resource and a 25% experience bonus.

    Importing a high level character will pit the enemies difficulty curve against you. You won't have as many upgrades, and it will be a struggle. Starting a new character will give you some breathing room at the beginning of the game to pick up some upgrades and level up before the curve kicks into high gear.

  • All I'm saying is beware of Harbinger controlled Collectors, and Praetorians. Best off using Miranda and probably Grunt. Miranda is a good pistol combatant, and has Overload and Warp. Grunt is a good damage sponge!
  • @1 Legion is supposed to good for the final boss also if you have his loyalty and sniper rifle
  • I found Miranda and Mordin to be a pretty effective combination. That way you have warp, overload, and incineration biotics. So you're ready to take on barriers, shields, and armor. They just don't have the best weapons (Heavy Pistol/Sub-machine Gun).
  • choose the infiltrator class, max out the cloaking ability,use tali/legion/samara's daughter, for tali/legion max out their A.I.hacking, for samara's daughter i think her name is morinith max out her ability to control living things, these three characters help you alot because they can control enimies to fight for you, use either one of those with either jacob/grunt/legion and max out their barrier/fortification/geth shield so when you are in battle they'll take more damage, if you use a class that uses sniper rifles the at some point in the game you get access to weapon training take the sniper rifle training as this gives you a powerful sniper, note this sniper only unlocks if you use a class with sniper rifles and you take the sniper rifle training
  • forgot to mention that if you fully upgrade say for instance tali's A.I. hacking then you dont need to upgrade legion's so upgrade his geth shield, if you do upgrade legions A.I. hacking then upgrade tali's energy drain or drone ability, for my playthrough i was a infiltrator and used tali and morinith(samara's daughter)
  • I played this game with every class and although the sentinel was fun, I would not recommend it on Insanity. I love the soldier but the infiltrator was the easiest.
  • imo this game is rediculous on insanity, but it's worth doing cuz the game is great. Just gets frustrating as can be a lot of the time, lol.
  • The Praetorians were ridiculous, the one in the collector station took me about 15 mins to whittle down it's health :L
  • I chose the Infiltrator for insanity. The only rough spots I had trouble with were Horizon, and when you investigate the powered down collector ship. The ending's not as bad on insanity
  • When a Harbinger appears on scene, do your best to take out all other enemies first. If not, the Harbinger will jump into them, potentially, resetting their health and making them far tougher.
  • I have to say, this appears to be more a test of patience more than anything. If you have a decent understanding of ME2, as long as you stay calm you shouldn't find this too tasking. Im using Mordin and Miranda with my Infiltrator & I started with my character at level cap. Only a few stages of the game have had me slinging my controller at the walls/ One of which was Horizon where I discovered a nice glitch. The final stage, as you enter the area with the two big abombinations that use shock wave (think thats what its called), stop before you get past the stairs so the doors behind you dont close. From here you should be able to take them out with cloak, sniper rifle and some well placed shots, without them taking a single step towards you. I was rocking out with my c*ck out when I dis
  • *discovered this.
  • widow anti matter rifle makes this mode a doddle as long as u understand tactics and strategy of M.effect its not that hard, and the M920 cain makes short work of preotorians. Roll on Mass Effect 3
  • It may mean my certain doom, but I'm playing Soldier on Insanity and I'm not upgrading anything or gaining anyone's loyalty. Time to see if I can get the entire team killed!
  • Importing my Adept from ME1 for the playthrough on insanity was just insane, I have to go for half an hour against one group of enemies and we're just me, Miranda and Jacob... I can't get to finish Mordin recruitment... one or the other always gets killed and I'm stuck trying to kill missile launching Vorcha with warp...
  • You are able to do New Game + for this right?
  • I started a game+ just to get my level 30 cheevo. It better be a lot easier on instanity to just start a new game with an imported character cause I will not have the patience to play through it again with my idiot members running out and gunning 15 to 1. They die within seconds and Im left to decide whether to waste medigel on them or go it alone. Which is impossible
  • It seems that Infiltrator is the best choice for insanity.... But with New Game+, can I change my Soldier to an Infiltrator, or will it carry over?
  • i used infiltrator with maxed out cloak and used tali and legion to use their drones to help draw fire away from you
  • easiest achievement ever, used soldier and didn't die a single time mass effect 2 was WAAAAAY easier than Mass effect(1)
  • #20 is full of shit. completed mass effect 1 four times including two on insanity. insanity on me1 wasn't hard at all, so long as you took your distances the only problem was that enemies had quite a lot of health. i didn't die on my insanity soldier me1 play through. but i keep dying on me2 soldier insanity maybe there's something i'm not doing right.
  • #21 make sure you use your teams powers because they can give you a huge advantage.ammo powers help as well for example a shotgun with incendiary equipped can take a heavy mech down in a few shots. So overall just anazlye the battle and chose your powers wisely
  • you had them down to red health bar, might as well just finish them off. This became an incredibly enjoyable achievement when I did it as a Soldier class.
  • @21 comment 20 is right soldier is the best for insanity, i only died once, because i got careless and started to underestimate the enemy, its faster to kill an enemy using only guns than using only biotic powers (i'm not saying you don't need biotic powers)
  • Hmmm that is irritating.. I was going to do my next playthrough as a biotic on insanity so that some of the biotic achievements would be easier AND i could knock out the insanity achievement, sounds like that would prove quite a challenge...
  • I did it with a sentinel and the hardest part was the collector ship otherwise it wasn't to bad.
  • I did it with a Soldier, and actually the most difficult part for me was closing the gates when recruiting Garris. I recommend using Miranda, and quickly upgrading her ability to increase party health.
  • Just have to finish the game from the IFF on. I had been playing only on insanity. I saw I missed an achievement, so I thought I'd take a shortcut and re-did part of an old mission on casual. I then loaded up where I'd left off before on insanity. Did I just screw up getting the insanity achievement?
  • Infiltrator + Miranda + Grunt = Piece of cake.
  • Having some concerns here, im half way through it now as a vanguard and its going good, but i didnt have it on insanity from the first menus, i changed it to insanity from the first point you take control of shepard when the normandy is being destoryed and havent altered it since....please tell me i will still get this achievement?
  • this is what i call i proper achievement i personally think that the collector ship was the hardest part believe it or not and talis loyalty mission with the geth comin up the stairs it took me a few goes to get it but once you hit level 30 the collectors arent too bad i used the geth shield boost and tactical cloak got my out of a few scrapes i also used tali with the combat drone to keep the harbinger busy so that i could take the rest of the collectors out before he got to me hope this info helps someone but everyones got theyre own way
  • comment 30 no if you change the diffuctly even once u wont get this cheevo but its not that bad i started a new game with me1 shepard iand i done it so im sure most of u can do it too use tactical clock, use tali (combat drone) use grunt (for soaking up bullets) and u should be alright
  • if anyone wants any help or info on any part of this game ill gladly help its easilly my best game me1 and me2 shit hot games
  • God I hate this achievement! it's not as though its all hard just specific parts like the floating platforms in the collector vessel and the praetorians. To be fair being a high level doesn't really help my level 20 soldier is further on in the game than my level 30 soldier.
  • I'm struggling...It's probably me that's tired from playing both games back to back but there must be another way of making it harder than having the enemy know exactly where you are even through walls while they all converge on you and ignore your team mates (thats if they are still alive after 5 seconds) and uping the damage taken on a higher difficulty to a silly level. I hate to say it but that to me is just sloppy coding.
  • I did this on my second playthrough and only took me 14 hours. I was a soldier, and level 30. The teammates I used were Mordin and Miranda for most the game. Honestly it wasn't that hard. I'm not going to lie I died A LOT in the first half. But once you start leveling up equipment its not too bad. :)
  • Frustation! Too hard! I hate games that make me do re-runs! I think i'll let this one rest in my hall of shame...
  • and here I was, thinking I was any good at ME... this game is probably my favorite by far and this chievo almost made me weep... it certainly made me yell out in frustration and crash a controller. WHY IS THIS SO GODDAMN HARD?! I don't think, that I would stand ANOTHER try with ANOTHER character built in the next decade. -.-
  • once you do it on insane, youl never play this game ever again. took me like 4 hours to recruit katsumi
  • big tip for whoever plans to do this now. BUY THE FIREPOWER PACK the mattock rifle is the most overpowered beauty i have ever seen. Mordin + Miranda=Anti Shield & Anti Armor LIKE THE STUPID SCIONS and Hardbringer OR Miranda and Legion=the Attack drown is a good distraction and also does a good amount of damage.
  • i gave up a few months ago and i'm trying again now. i have a soldier level 15 im using hotty mctits and grunt and i'm stuck on horizon. i've got what i think are the best combination of weapons and shields/armor. i've tried it at least 20 times. miranda and grunt keep dying after 5 seconds of open conflict (grunt is not the sponge everyone says he is). when they do obey my orders to get to cover they last maybe 3 seconds longer. the last time i was this frustrated was for the mile high achievement and compared to this, that was a walk in the park. i finished the mile high in an hour, i've been at this for days. maybe it's cos my adrenaline rush is weak? i dunno. i hate being frustrated at mass effect. this kind of difficulty is unnecessary, i really hope me3 will be more like the one. th
  • *this game is not a 5/10 it's at least an 8
  • nevermind, the first wave i found was the hardest. i read in the forums a guy say you can snipe a scion from afar before the doors close behind you. works like a charm, having only husks and one scion to deal with makes things a lot easier. knowing where to position allies and where to move forward is also key. if you know what to do and what's coming up it's not all that hard. i retract my previous statements. still more than a 5 though
  • At the end of my first playthough i decided to keep playing so i could play the dlcs with that charcter. My charcter has reaced level 30, can i now use that chacter in a second playthough on insane?
  • This achievement is really a freaking cake walk compared to the Halo: Reach "A Monument To All Your Sins" achievement, were you have to complete the legendary campaign solo...
  • I was having difficulty with Soldier class, so per these comments, I switched to Infiltrator. Transport your ME1 character, NOT your ME2, because you won't be able to switch class. Research cloak, disruptor ammo, incinerate, AI hack, Assassin, Geth Shield and pick up the X98c Widow Anti-Material sniper rifle when you reach the Collector Ship. Now research all sniper upgrades, especially the Headshot max damage. What happens is that it slows time to a fraction of seconds when you're in scope, allowing you those few crucial moments to target a devastating headshot that nearly takes out all enemies. I use Miranda (Warp/Overload) and combo use Grunt(Heavy shields/Heavy Concussive shot) and Jack(Heavy Shockwave).
  • cont: Heavy Mechs you won't be able to headshot and will have to take out the ould fashioned way as if you were a soldier. I found that by placing allies away from from battle and doing a cloaked run in and run out, you'll be able to bring them to you in most cases. If you can find where ammo regenerates and have an ally defend it, you can run in and pick off enemies and then run back out for more sniper ammo, but boss battles are definately a challenge because they're typically in confined spaces with little elbow room, so a lot of running and cloaking and pick shots become the operational norm. Only use Unity when you've exhausted all avenues of hiding and need some breathing room. Definately research ALL biotics and also Heavy Bone Weave, just incase you find yourself uncloaked right ne
  • The Praetorian fights were horrendously difficult.
  • I was wondering if I started a New Game+ with my Lvl 30 Shepard from my first ME2 playthrough will it overwrite my saved game file? I don't want to have to play the entire game over again (re-making every decision) just to get the Insanity achievement. I'd rather use my ME1 inport and speed run if that's the case.
  • #49: That's your best bet. Just import your ME1 Shep and you can even change your class, which I suggest Infiltrator. For me, Insanity Mode/Final battle/Garrus-his armor piercing ammo rips through Harbinger like a rag doll/Grunt-truly a damage sponge just like they say and fortification makes him even harder to kill. Both of these allies kept all everything off of me while I sniped the human reaper's eyeballs with my Widow sniper rifle, which made quick work of the whole fight. #48: Yes, but once you get past the Derelict ship fight, your own damage curve kicks in and you even the odds, though that fight was superhard.
  • Can anyone tell me why my GS is not showing up on this profile? With the ME2 unlocks, my score is now 12545 and it's not showing.
  • How to take down a Praetorian on Insanity setting. The Praetorian wants Sheppard, so run from it and take cover constantly while your heavy hitters take it out. It won't mess with allies unless you cloak, so only cloak if you've lost cover and need the breathing room. Trust me, Zaaed, or Garrus and Grunt will take down a Praetorian without you ever having to take a shot, though it also helps to have heavy incinerate and fire around corners. Make sure to eliminate with snipe headshots anything that might try and distract your allies on the Derelict ship. You only meet it twice, so it's not so bad, though would hate to meet it in tow with two Scions.
  • now Im ready for ME3
  • was it just me or did i think insanity was easier than hardcore?
  • @45 - A Monument to all your sins isnt proving to be hard, frustrating yes. But all you need is patience and a plasma pistol and your good.
  • Only one advice, use singularity of the adept class. Stuns any annemies, with or without shields/armor/barrier and has a short cooldown. Once an ennemy is trapped, use warp to explode everything. Do this from start to end and kill the big boss with the collector heavy weapon. Also choosed the sniper specialization to take down ennemies as far away as you can
  • Not very far yet on the Insanity playthrough yet (Just recruited Garrus) but as I saw someone else comment, and I agree, closing the doors was frustrating, mainly the larger chamber area. It was me and Miranda using Overload constantly before killing enough Varren to get to the door. Also, in case people havent figured out, dont run from the door once you activate it because the enemies will follow through and the countdown stops. Instead, take cover right beside the door and they enemies will usually try to kill you from a little ways away, on the other side of the door until it closes on them. The most frustrating thing of all though was that I wanted Garrus to hide because I knew me and my team could handle it, but he kept standing up from the low cover and dying at the end, the only
  • reason I ever failed was because he didn't even try to hide very well. So be quick in killing the guys coming up the stairs. I set myself next to Garrus to draw some fire and set Waypoints for my team mates in the hall just outside on my last attempt, worked like a charm.
  • Im a lvl 16 soldier playing through the Collector's Ship mission and im stuck at the bit where the platforms with the enemies come at you. I can take out the first Harbinger, but to do that I have to use all my medi-gel just to keep my team up long enough to take him out. By the time the second and third platforms come, I cannot handle a harbinger and 2 scions on my own. I have Garrus and Miranda with me and i have the Particle Beam as my heavy weapon. Any help would be amazing, any ideas?
  • I just beat insanity with only getting loyalty missions for miranda and jacob. Point is that it is not necessary to get everyones loyalty mission before beating the game on insanity. Last level wasn't that bad as compared to horizon and the collector ship.
  • THIS---------------IS------------GAY
  • I played the Lair Of The Shadow Broker on Hardcore. It wasnt that bad but the boss fights did take quite the grind to complete. Just take your time and you will be fine, Its not as bad as people make it seem.
  • Tips for insanity - Take your time, Use a lot of saves before and after every battle to avoid starting back further then where you previously were, Skip the loyalty missions, Just do a massive speed run and do only the main quest missions you need to do and get it done as fast as you can.
  • I ran through with an adept and you get to a point where you can chuck everyone around like ragdolls and it's plenty amusing and not that hard, with the following exceptions: Biotics can't get though shields/armour/barriers - you have to whittle then down to bare health first. A significanly irritaring nerf since ME1 where you could manhandle anyone at any time. Heavy Mechs - will kill you, but if you take out their support peons, you can often get them caught on an edge of a box or whatever where you can pick away at them (warp curvebals work great), and then a pull will totally incapcitate them once the armour is gone. Praetorians - suck. If they get close to you they'll regen their barrier, so keep Shep away and they usually won't do it. The fight will still take 10-15 mins t
  • Shep away and they usually won't do it. The fight will still take 10-15 mins though. Keep backpedalling to new cover as they close in, moving when they break to recharge. Mordin and Zaeed hlp with their fire-based techs. Harbinger - Every time this guy shows up in a confined area, it becomes a battle of attrition - you die til the game decides to let you through. His "pull you out of cover" ball and ability to keep your health from regenerating and killing you in 2 hits after the cover buster almost put my controller through the TV on many occasions. Never mind that he respawns. Make sure you kill the lackeys fisrt so he can't posess them, but also make sure you take him down if he gets too close or he will just spam deathballs at you from point blank range.
  • Started up a 3rd character just for this one, sped run through and finally got it. Lost Mordin and Tali though, but I won't be transferring that file to ME3 anyways
  • haha, meant to do as terrible as i could. got the cheevo, and the only people on the ship were grunt, jacob, shep, joker, and chakwas. let's see how me3 plays out.
  • Having completed this, I have to say: Harbinger was BULL****!
  • Infiltrator with Widow and Squad Warp Ammo all the way.
  • Insanity set from the main menu before playing the game. Just finished Mass Effect 2. No Insanity achievement. I'm not happy, to say the least.
  • I agree with sopes93. Miranda and Mordin are a great combination. However like they mentioned, they dont have the best weapons. But, if you chose soldier class and take on Slam and upgrade that all the way as your one special ability, along with the use of concussive shot, you can disable two or three enemies all at the same time allowing you to focus on just one. And use the quick keys like right bumper and left and right keypad for your companions special abilities. That way you dont interrupt the flow of battle as often. Also, dont forget to use your special ammo. Incendiary ammo works great on. Shoot them till their armor is gone then slam them. they dont stand a chance.
  • I'm a lvl 20 soldier. I rushed through the game to try and get this cheevo but now i'm stuck at the final reaper battle! =[ it was easy till now. My advice is not to skip the loyalty missions. Take your time and get weapon upgrades otherwise you'll be stuck like me. Bad times. I'm just hoping to get lucky.
  • Did it with Soldier class
  • this damn game made me break my battery pack, throwing the controller into the floor. im a 30 soldier, and i just got to horizon i think. im not diggin the soldier anymore, his lack of powers is so restricting. i chose to have reave as my special ability (although i really like warp ammo) bc it would take ages for miranda to overload a group of 5 shielded enemies, and i apparently cant lean out of cover without immediately losing my shield completely. IMO, they tried to make ME2 more of a shooter than ME1, but still couldnt get rid of the clunky RPG character movement. i cant count the times that i am moving against cover, and for no apparent reason, I come out of cover-- only to be pleted with a series of 3, perfectly timed rockets, which i literally have no control of getting him bck int
  • into cover. sooo annoying dying in this game!!!
  • 1. actually, did you know, im not sure if you would call this in an intentional exploitation, but given a sniper/proper long range weapons and enough ammo, you can down both scions(even with a vindicator or matlock if u can get it!) from the door in the horizon mission and the husks wont even come out at all if theyr both dead.(the one on the left takes alot longer to kill cuz u can only see his gun/arm thingie sticking out so make sure u have armor piercing or incendiery attached) 2. i screwed up twice trying to get thru this on insanity, once cuz i stupidly saved my soldier on the stupid varren side quest and im stuck there, next i picked an engineer to play thru on insanity and i cant get thru the platform part. so now i picked a sentinal cuz of the tech armor and now ur all sayin s
  • ur all sayin sentinal is worst. it all is gonna come down to gettin past that platform part so if im a sentinal, who should i take and wat weapons/powers/heavy weapons?
  • People have mentioned Samara's daughter Morinth, as a character, I've now played through this game three times and I was unaware this is a possible outcome, was just wondering if you could tell me how?
  • @78 Sentinel has been the BEST class, IMO. I started out off the bat on Insanity with a Lvl 60 import from ME1. With the exception of the platform fight on the Derelict Ship (and that stupid-ass varren N7 mission), I have had no problems. I have done ALL loyalty missions and ALL side quests. I have been tearing through the end-game like I was playing on casual (and I'm not, I checked.) Miranda and Grunt make things easy. The sentinel is the most balanced, having warp, throw and overload. Having the option to regen shields almost at will has been amazing. Having the Locust SMG from "Kasumi" is a must. @79 When Samara and Morinth are biotically locked, you have the option of killing Samara and replacing her in your party with Morinth.
  • are you able to get this achievement if every member dies in the end? i just want to get this last achievement but don't feel like doing all the side stuff.
  • @81 i believe you can, didnt do it myself, but i dont think members dying matter. i just finished with an infiltrator, i started off trying it as a soldier, and quit bc i didnt like the lack of powers, because id say mid way through the game i relied heavily on powers and couldnt keep my team alive. i used infiltrator w/miranda and another alternate, depending on whether i was going up against shielded enemies(blue suns), or barrier/armored (krogan/varren/vorcha/collectors). that way if i was going up against Blue Suns i would sub in garrus or kasumi, blood pack mordin or thane and collector missions id use thane, so id have at least 2 powers to use quickly. also, i saved before i talked to morinth in her room, killed samara and completed the mission, gaining the "dominate" po
  • also, i saved before i talked to morinth in her room, killed samara and completed the mission, gaining the "dominate" power, which is useful on collectors. after you finish the mission you can reload the save and kill morinth, youll still have the power unlocked.
  • fallout is better, dont really care for this game
  • I did this as an infiltrator, only 3 ppl survived as I was only going for this achievement so just rushed through it, so glad to get this 1 done, its got to be the hardest game on the hardest setting ive ever completed (roll on ME3)
  • Just got this... Solider with Grunt & Garrius was easy.
  • Gotta completely agree with comment #83. I killed Samara and got the Dominate ability, evolved it to Heavy Dominate. Once you strip the shields/armor off an organic enemy, you can give it 500 in Barrier and have it fight for you. At the very least, most enemies immediately fire on your dominated enemy.
  • I totally forgot that you can start the game with a character that already completed the game at level 30...decided to import my renegade infiltrator from ME1 so I could get her into ME3...made the mistake of going it on insanity for the achievement. All I have to say is...Collector ship. Basically, at that low a level your squad is almost completely pointless for the platform sequence. They die almost instantly when the first pair of platforms descend. But, it did let me figure out a pretty decent strategy for the area...if your an infiltrator. At this point, I'm fairly certain I had my cloak maxed, if not it was definitely at the third level. If you purchased/got the M-490 Blackstorm you can either draw in a group of enemies and cloak, or run into a close knit group of them wh
  • so what is the best class to do it on because i was a soldier and it epically failed
  • @84 wtf? I'm about to start this with a soldier. Doubt anyone will answer but do you I should do the side missions or not?
  • used vanguard character and used legion and garrus for final mission,beating mass effect trilogy again cause of that dissapointing ending in mass effect 3,damn EA
  • I just beat the game on Insanity a few days ago, imported a level 60 soldier from ME1 (after already having beaten Mass Effect 2, so I got bonuses from both games) Gotta say that this game was much more challenging than the first, but very do-able. Patience is really key. Most of the game I found myself in situations where I'd say, "Holy shit, how would a Vanguard or Adept do this?!" xD Soldier all the f'ing way!
  • Soldier is the safest bet. Import too. Need to play very slowly. Force yourself to control the squad as much as possible it makes all the difference
  • Here's an alternative to the f%&*#£g collector trap. Tried the Cain to take out the first lot of collectors only for an epic fail as it wouldn't fire at 96%. It just hissed and 2 seconds later I was on the floor with the other 2 squad members. Tried a lot of different methods until I tried the Arc Projector which took out the collector waves and weakened the harbinger significantly in a few shots.
  • i imported a lv 30 sentinal from me2. i got past the first mission with no problems, and got past freedoms progress with some effort. then i get f&$#ed over by krogan trying to get to mordin. nothing i could do to kill them faster than they could two shot me, even hiding and running. im now gonna try importing from me1 and trying a low lv infiltrator. i honestly dont expect it to go any better.
  • What is the minimum amount of missions u have to do?
  • I used the engineer. In the beginning get Mordin first so then you can used his Frost on the Krogans during recruiting Archangel. Also the combat drone is very helpful to distract the enemy from firing at you and your teammates. AI hack is also great for the Recruiting Tali mission with the geth. Also I suggest getting everyones loyalty. Besides Zeaad or really any dlc ones. Just Zeaads has a lot of infinite enemies. I only got one loyalty and everyone died and it really backfired at the end fighting the human reaper
  • DO NOT USE A IMPORTED ME2 CHARACTER WITH HIGH LEVEL, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. Use a imported ME1 and everything will be a lot better
  • Finally got through Horizon! The Praetorian destroyed me time and time again, but it wasn't really all that hard. The reason it's difficult is because the fight before it is so tedious that I was getting careless by the time I got to it. Eventually I just circled around one of the piles of crates and sent my squadmates to the far sides and it wasn't too bad.
  • Yeah, using youself as a live lure and playing ring around the rosie around large crates/columns/etc. worked quite well on the YMIR Mechs and the Occuli, as well. as long as there was only one. Doesn't work near as well with more.
  • Man this is just a burden... Jesus it's tough.
  • Engineer on the level where you meet Tali made me want to throw my controller...not looking forward to the rest if the first real level was that hard lol.
  • By the way if ur an engineer on the collector ship you can aim a combat drone to prevent the first 2 platforms from landing. This will cause all the collectors to fall off the first platform and it will cause the second platform to leave. Timing it right is hard but it will make the first part so much easier
  • a crappy achievo for a crappy thx
  • hir0 sempai, is this game crappy, or are you just bad at it? This achievement was very hard for me (I was a vanguard) and I still made it, no squadmates dying. IMO, this is one of the best games I've ever played. I played this game 3 times, and Mass Effect 3 was good, but not anywhere as close as ME2. I have every on disc ahievement in the game, and if this game was crappy, I wouldn't have played it 3 times. Don't be ashamed to say you're bad at a game. And if you're really good at this game but you still think it sucks, it's your opinion. I can't change it.
  • Honestly this is one of the HARDEST of Insanity difficulties to ever play in a game. I have to admit though that my love for this game was rekindled by playing through on insanity because it was so challenging yet so rewarding. Currently, I am almost done: I only have Thane's and Grunt's loyalty missions to go and then I will have completed everything except for The Shadow Broker and the suicide mission on Insanity. It is super tough and it does require a ton of patience however it is possible with the right powers and squadmates. So take heart and fight on.
  • For everyone who is freaking out about how hard this achievement is... It gets EASIER I promise!! Keep upgrading your weapons, armor, and ship. The more upgrades the easier and faster it goes. Don't give up!!
  • I did it with my soldier. it was a pain, but im glad i got it done...oddly enough this was the first insanity cheevo i did in the trilogy. im off to do ME1 insanity then ME3
  • hardest achievements to get
  • Judging by most of the comments here I've decided to pick one of the hardest ways through Insanity, I'm a level 16 (I think) Engineer, with Geth Shield as a bonus power, my current 2 squadmates are Miranda and Garrus, and I'm fairly stuck at the part on Horizon where you have the 2 Scions and all those damn husks. So far I haven't had too much problem with the levels (I'm doing all side missions and loyalty)only had a couple of parts that took some time. Probs, just need a good rest, but got any tips for me that can help with this fight and anything later in game?
  • It's not that hard, but definitely harder than Mass Effect 3's Insanity.
  • waaayyyyyy too long to get, i mean having to do another playthrough for 1 achievement is insane... :) maybe someday. off to mass effect 3 now, finally!
  • Got my Sentinel through Hardcore in a week, re-imported her to do an Insanity run, and now I can't get through the Collector Vessel. I've got Grunt and Jack, and they both keep dying no matter what I do. Thinking about reloading an earlier save (though I didn't save nearly as often as I needed to, gdi) and trying to re-do her armor upgrades to see if I can survive it. Sometimes I get almost to the end of the first wave, sometimes I last 3 seconds. So frustrating! But it's the last achievement I have to get, and I'm determined.
  • I have played my first and only playthrough (importing save from Mass Effect) on Insanity. I have done all the quest and the most and only difficult part was when you have to fight against collectors (which arrive from movable platforms)in the Colletor Ship Quest. Before to do this quest i advise to do all side q
  • ... all side quests available at that point, and buy/research all upgrades you can. My class was a Sentinel. Remember also to have at least 5-6 Medikit and use the Arc projector as Heavy Weapon. Grunt and Jacob with their own bonus powers can be useful as team members for their protections (if you have already done their loyalty missions). Anyway it is still difficult, but with patience and focus on killing the collectors first and the scions for last, eventually you will success. After that, continue to buy and research upgrades and the rest of the game will be easier (even the last mission with all upgrades). Sorry for Double Comment
  • Oh my god I FINALLY did it!!! When I got to parts such as Mordin's recruitment mission and the Collector ship I was convinced that it was impossible, but somehow I beat it. Much harder than ME1's insanity, that's for sure.
  • Damn, i had no problems with insanity until now. I am stuck on final boss with 0 medi-gel and little ammo. I was hoping it would refill before the fight. I'm using Grunt and Mordin, and they are very good combination.I found that if you take down the collectors barriers and quickly use Mordin's cryo-blast you can prevent them from turning into harbingers. But as soon as they die, I'm out of luck. There is nothing I can possibly do. Also, maybe I'm just stupid but I only just found out you could shoot the reapers eyes as well as its chest.
  • Ok, just completed it now. I stayed in one place pretty much the whole time and ignored the collectors. Thankfully the harbinger stayed in one place and didn't come towards me. Mordin died but thankfully Grunt was able to take some of the heat off me whilst I taking out the reaper. With my low ammo, I has to use warp A LOT, but i JUST managed to take it out right as collectors spawned on me :P All in all, a good challenge, just remember to bring medi-gel and don't waste your rocket ammo. It will make it so much easier.
  • Just got this and it was hard, expect a challenge but it is not impossible. Some missions will drive you insane (Collectors trap, Horrizon, Tali's mission, etc) but you will get the hand of it as you progress. Get all upgrades to make your life easier when the tough missions come up and i suggest using Mordin and Miranda as your squad members, make sure to max out Mordin's Incinerate as fast as possible, he will get rid of armour like it was nothing. As a bonus power i suggest Reave as it is very effect against Barrier and it will come in handy against the Collectors/Harbinger and the Asari commandos who are all annoying on insanity. Start a new character imported from ME1 so you will get more resources to get your upgrades faster. Good luck!
  • *Hang * Effective
  • Just got this one, in less than 4 days, I don't know what you're all bitching about here honestly, I thought this game was pretty average on insanity! If you choose Reave power as you start your character, upgrade it fast, spend all your creds on the upgrades that you use, you'll finish this without too much problem!
  • Finally got the time to do an Insanity playthrough for the main Mass Effect 2 game. Played as a Renegade Femshep Vanguard and it wasn't as bad as I feared. A few sections had me wanting to throw my controller, but I just calmed down and tried again (and again & again in some sections). But I finally got it! Now to tackle the Shadow Broker DLC, luckily I can drop is down to Hardcore if need be...I'm dreading the part outside the Shadow Broker's lair...that was pretty tough to beat on Normal. LOL
  • The collector ship was so easy
  • I just got past the Collector Ship on “Insanity” as a Sentinel. When you start off, it can be HIGHLY intimidating! There are so many heavily armed adversaries to weed through and your team quickly dies with you bunkered behind the center barrier on your platform wasting all your recharge on your shields while getting battered relentlessly by a Harbinger. I found a strategy that made all the difference in the world. When the stage has loaded and the enemy platforms are landing, 1.)Station your squad mates behind the center barrier on your starting platform; and 2.)Run forward and maintain cover as close as you can get right behind the platform landing to the right. Your upper right positioning better splits enemy fire so that your squad mates stay alive (which helps immensely). It
  • Your upper right positioning better splits enemy fire so that your squad mates stay alive (which helps immensely). It also keeps the first Harbinger at bay for longer and provides you with sufficient distance enabling an offense. Once he finally does drop down to your level to attack, hit your shields and retreat quickly to the spot where your squad mates are taking cover (should be angled behind the left extremity of the center barrier). By this time, his armor should be down significantly from your first attack and combined squad fire should effectively do him in. Rinse and repeat, only now the attack will be coming from the left.
  • Another tip- Whenever a platform lands, immediately use the Arc Projector to take out as many foes as possible (I believe there is heavy ammo behind the platform on your left if you can make it there at some point. Finally, it’s best to use squad members with as much Warp power as possible. I used a loyal Grunt and passive Garrus. This level is much more doable than it initially seems. Cheers.
  • The only thing insane about it was how insanely easy it was with my engineer (with Dominate BP)! Having Miranda with me almost always (only time I skipped her was on missions where there was no need for Overload, in which case I brought Mordin in her place) made it a cakewalk! Overload to take out shields, Incinerate to take out armor, her Warp for barriers, then Dominate and AI Hacking to get an exposed enemy, no matter the group (geth, mech or organic), and combat drone to keep the combat at the other side of the room (and mixed with Dominate/AI Hacking, it effectively gave me a 5/6 person squad). About the only mission I had difficulty with was rescuing the crashed quarian from the varren, which was sad that it gave me that much trouble.
  • Super Dica Collectors ship. Use as seguintes armas: X76c Rifle + M97a Sniper + X22c Shotgun + Todas com balas Disruptor +Collectors Particle Beam + Krogan Grunt Leal com Heavy Fortification + Miranda Leal + muita Hardened Adrenaline Rush = Vitoria Não deixe nunca Hangbringer chegar perto de você, use o Particle beam nele, quando tiver chance acerte o Scion com o rifle carregado com balas Disruptor, se necessário mande o Krogan ficar sempre fortificado e Miranda sempre atacando com Warp. Caso fique com apenas os dois Scions, deixe os 2 com o mínimo de vida e mate-os juntos, assim ficara muito mais fácil a ultima horda. Use sempre Adrenaline Rush se estiver jogando com um Soldado além de facilitar o tiro me deu a impressão que ele aumenta os danos. O Krogan também estava com os doi
  • os dois upgrades de HP. Use também a armadura Cerberus se você tiver. Super Tip Collector ship. Use the following weapons: X76c Rifle Sniper M97a + + + All X22c Shotgun with Disruptor Beam Particle Collectors bullets + + Krogan Grunt Leal with Heavy Fortification + Miranda Leal + much Hardened Adrenaline Rush = Vitoria Never leave Hangbringer come near you, use the Particle beam it, when you have chance hit the Scion with the rifle loaded with bullets Disruptor if necessary send the Krogan always be fortified and Miranda always attacking with Warp. Should it be with just the two Scions, leave the two with minimal life and kill them together, and had been much easier the last horde. Always use Adrenaline Rush if you're playing with a Soldier and facilitate the shot gave me the imp
  • Always use Adrenaline Rush if you're playing with a Soldier and facilitate the shot gave me the impression that it increases the damage. The Krogan also had both HP upgrades. Even use Cerberus Armor if you have it
  • So my question is, when do I change the difficulty? In-game or in options?
  • ME2 on Insanity reminds me of Halo 2 on Legendary. Skill and practice will take you only so far and the rest will be luck. Be prepared to reload the same checkpoint repeatedly. Unfortunately the longer load time for this game gets old fast.
  • I've found the best all purpose squad on Insanity to be Zaeed with Inferno Blast Grenade and Miranda with Heavy Warp and Area Overload. Most of your enemies will have some combination of Barrier, Shield, and Armor. You need both of those followers to peel away that protection quickly.
  • Also I used a level 30 Soldier with Heavy Reave. I would have gone Engineer but I had already leveled up a Soldier in my first play through and I didn't feel like starting over.
  • I'm 40 years old. Been playing video games since the 1980s but always a decade behind everyone else (I have other interests). Earlier this year I got an Xbox One S (didn't know about the 'x' coming out until a couple of months ago) and have only five games: Mass Effect 1-3 (my brother got it for me for my birthday in June of this year) and Dishonored: Definitive Edition and Dishonored 2. Since June I've been playing Mass Effect 1-2 to death. Mainly 2. I've only played 3 a couple of times. Last night I finally beat Mass Effect 2 on Insanity (beat the first one earlier this month). I played it in June on Insanity as an Infiltrator/New Game+. I got to the end (human reaper) but I never really utilised my or my teammates powers, and I didn't have the right weapon(s). I gave up after about a we

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