Long Service Medal Achievement

  • Long Service Medal



    Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or complete it once with a character imported from Mass Effect 1


    This is a story related achievement.

    You will have two options with this achievement, either play the game through twice and complete it, or import a previous profile. If you are new to the Mass Effect game series you may be missing out on some back-story but this won’t affect your gameplay.

    If you have played Mass Effect previously you will be able to import your old character into your current game. Once you start a new game select Import from the bottom of the ID screen and select your profile.

    Note: You must have finished the game, if you are in the middle of a playthrough with a high-level character and do not finish you will only be displayed with the first playthrough information.

  • it wouldnt let me import my mass effect 1 character for some reason so i hav 2 play it twice but its k because mass effect is awesome
  • To get this achievement does your Mass Effect 1 character have to have completed Mass effect 1 first, or can u literally just upload a fresh character? I only bought the both of them today and don't know what to start first? Thanks :)
  • to import you have to beat mass effect 1
  • ive completed this once finished the final mission and got the achievement but deleted the data, can i still get the achievement if i start another game with no save data from the 1st playthrough?
  • Does anyone know if you get the long service achievement for mass effect 1 as-well
  • this game is a thousand times better if you complete the ist mass effect so many different tasks and missions if you use your origial character for me1
  • I don't know why some people are upset about playing ME1. Playing ME1 and getting all te achievements was super fun and amazing. Plus, now every 5 seconds that I meet someone in ME2 I not only remember them but when they say "hey, remember when we did that shit?! It was AWESOME! *fistbump*" I remember who they are and feel more entrenched in this amazing story. You all need to do yourself a favor and play ME1....
  • I passed the game once on normal and then again, last night on Insanity with a different character what can i do?
  • Mass Effect Genesis counts for this though, I played ME2 only once but bought and played/wwatched Genesis, and the achievement popped up when I killed the Human-Reaper-thing.
  • Question--I beat ME1 on Normal (Paragon)...now i want to start a new career in ME1 and get some achievements i missed like Renegade, etc...meanwhile, i want to start playing ME2 for the first time...I will have the option to still import my Paragon, good guy, career from the first game even though i'm starting anew in a second career in ME1, right? I'm pretty sure the answer is YES, i'll ONLY be able to import the Paragon character from that finished playthrough b/c you can't import a character from the middle of a playthrough.. but i just wanted to make sure
  • I'm importing a character, but this game is awesome ill probably play again anyway
  • I imported a character, but then I decided to wanted to do my insanity play through with the extra bonuses, so I shelved them after the first two missions and did a quick minimalist play though with a new non-imported character. Got this achievement with that character somehow.

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