Paramour Achievement

  • Paramour



    Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate

    This achievement requires you to take your relationship with one crewmember further than just loyalty. After each mission talk to all the crew and see who is willing to open up to you and become less formal. Once you start to go through the Omega 4 Relay, the romance scene will occur.

    Depending on if you are playing as a male or female character you can interact and start a romance with the following characters:

    Female Character

    • Jacob Taylor
    • Thane Krios
    • Garrus Vakarian

    Male Character

    • Miranda Lawson
    • Subject Zero
    • Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
  • I don't think Jack technically counts for the achievement. If I recall correctly, I had a moment with her and it never unlocked, but then I later was able to pursue a relationship with Miranda anyway, after which it unlocked.
  • Jack does count, but it has to be her "Paragon" relationship.
  • If you had a relationship with Liara does this unlock too?
  • No, Liara does not count for this achievement.
  • jack, tali, mirander if you are a male character, thane, jacob and garrus if you are female,with jack tho you can sleep with her earlier in the game but it dont count as a relastionship and you can still persue tali or mirander, but if you dont sleep with jack when shes in her quarters you can still persue her for a relationship
  • I beat that pussy like it'd owe me money
  • Miranda when want to make this, cause "I bought many flowers" I sad "many nice word for her" but she doesn't want to make my deal ;)
  • sweet sweet liara shame it deosnt work with her, not that it matters as theres plenty more fish in the intergalactic sea! hope they bring liara back with a more permanent roll in M.E3 not just as a source of info as the shadow broker
  • Can you get Miranda in a relationship? I didn't get it on my first run through but I forgot to visit her a few times... sometimes she is a bitch.
  • I heard if you avoid a relationship with Miranda you can get Ashley back in ME 3. I am wondering if having a relationship with anyone in ME2 would prevent me from getting Ashley back. Anyone have any feedback?
  • Doing it as a female with Kelly. Sweet.
  • I don't think it would matter for ME 3. I would assume you can start with a new character and not worry about it, but if you want to use the same character for ME 3 its probably best to avoid Miranda, Cerberus and Alliance dont mix well =/
  • #8: I got it on with Liara in ME1, but I don't like the direction her character has taken in ME2 so I'm going for sweet, innocent Tali this time around. Wonder if I'll regret that when I play Lair of the Shadow Broker... #9: Yeah you can get together with Miranda (if you're male Shepard). #10: Who knows, ME3 isn't out yet :) I'd ditch Ashely though, she's a bitch. Sorry! #11: Kelly doesn't count, she's just a fling. You need to do it with Jacob, Garrus, or Thane as a female in order to get the achievement. You last three should all check out
  • I tapped Miranda then tali, I smell a cat fight in ME 3
  • How do you have to do this?? Do you have to keep talking to the characters to unlock these options???
  • aquaman5256 yeah just talk to the one you want between each mission if you get the same dialogue then you will know that you need to do another mission before talking to them again. I picked jack mainly as she was so hideous looking
  • I wish staying true to your Mass Effect 1 love would count. I would rather not want to cheat on her, and I think it should count.
  • I wish I could have seen Tali's face. I always wished you could romance her in ME-1.
  • Well, I heard not only do you get Ashley or Kaiden back but if you did not start a relationship in ME2 (you know this by keeping either of their picture standing up through out the game including the end) that in ME3 everyone that had a relationship with either will be in for a nice surprise. Also, I heard that Tali takes off her helmet in ME3. Just a lil fun info I got while at E3. So for those like me that like all possible play throughs you may want to go back with a character to keep the love interest with Ashley or Kaiden. Hope that was helpful :) (back to ME2!!) I still am missing some achievements must have them!!
  • @18 maybe we can finaly see some quarian face in ME3 :)
  • Is this really 5x harder than it was in ME1 to warrant the extra cheevo points?
  • Throughout the game I visited Miranda regularly and let her know I was interested. I also took her side in her argument with Jack. Just before I entered the final mission Miranda came to me in a cutscene and I got the achievement. I almost had Tali but she told me I needed to tell Miranda first. That never came up, though.
  • Throughout the game I visited Miranda regularly and let her know I was interested. I also took her side in her argument with Jack. Just before I entered the final mission Miranda came to me in a cutscene and I got the achievement. I almost had Tali but she told me I needed to tell Miranda first. That never came up, though.
  • prob the most fun acheevo to get! we all had alot of fun getting it.
  • No fair-i wanted relations with Samara-kind of sexy MLF-looks liked i must complete this game but she is playing hard toget it!
  • Anybody know how to get Kelly?
  • I was trying to get kelly but no luck. Just like in real life unlucky in love. LOL
  • kelly is a fling just keep talking to her when you have a message /email after a mission and she'll drop a hint about an outfit and showing it to you privately then when you go to your captains quarters she'll be waiting. i think..
  • Does dr.chakwas count? Lol
  • Perhaps Dr. Chakwas discovered a way to use the dermal regenerator as a full body wrinkle remover? That would reduce some of the dust that Shepard would have to knock off. She does kinda remind me of storm a little bit though. Whatever floats your boat I guess.
  • God damn this is so hard! Once I had sex with Jack but after that nothing happened. I guess the reason is that when Jack and Miranda fighted in Normandy I told Jack to back off. She got mad and I got mad when I realized that again I missed that achievement... :D
  • So gutted that my femshep romance with Kelly didn't unlock this achievement. Best romance ever!
  • #34 It's not hard at all actually.. you didn't miss the achievement because you didn't side with Jack. You missed it because you chose the renegade option. This makes Jack think that all you want from her is casual sex and thus prevents having any kind of relationship with her afterwards. If you had chosen the "I want to get to know you first" paragon option.. and continued your relationship with her.. you would have gotten the achievement then.
  • Mirandaaaaaaaa ;)
  • As if I didn't get this. Jacob is clearly a faggot.
  • Picked Miranda, she is so hot.
  • #40 True. True. I missed the achievo due to the publicised gay relationship a man could have with Jacob! I was a woman and assumed from the gayness that I could pull Miranda and was holding out her - then the game ended! ...My female would never have gone for her hetero options - urgh, all hideous.
  • ...I was rushing through on Casual and going for Jacob with my female - but he kept saying, "We've got a good thing going here, let's not rush it", or something. So, I went online to see went I can get this - and gave up - you get Paramour at the end of the game, after going through the Omega Relay!
  • Did this with Jacob. Wish it was more like the first mass effect love scene. Just do enough dialogue after your missions and it will pop up when you go through the omega 4 relay. :)

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