Head Hunter Achievement

  • Head Hunter



    Perform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets

    You can do this at the very start of the game when you first meet Jacob. He will explain that he is a biotic and can use his pull ability on enemies. The robots will keep coming through the door until you request his ability so you can keep pulling off headshots until the achievement unlocks or you run out of ammo.

    If you miss this infinite loop use the sniper rifle or heavy pistol and pick off enemies from a distance. This is easiest to do on LOKI mechs, as they have low health and lack sufficient protection.

  • A real is easy way of doing this is to use the RB button. If you hold it down you can line up your headshot every time.
  • Its best to start doing this on the enemies in the begining of the game (yes they do count). Simply use the pistol and keep using it until you get 30 headshots, Will only take about an hour to get this achievement and that is through natural game progression
  • #2 is right about using the pistol, but if you're going for style you can play as Infiltrator and use the zoom-slow-down to line up your headshots.
  • I got this when you meet Garrus, you pull out a sniper and defend the bridge with him. Super easy plus you dont have to disrupt the game's flow to get it.
  • I tried doing this in the beginning but it never showed me my tally so I wasn't sure if it was counting. I'll try it again with Garrus as #4 did and see if I can get it there.
  • Earliest is at the begining of the game as #2 suggested, also if you run out of ammo, just reload from the closest save before you meet Jacob. The kills will still count

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