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    Shoot and kill 20 enemies while they're knocked back by a punch

    This is easiest done with Husks. You can find a lot of husks on the ‘Horizon’ colony (which is story related) as well as the Reaper while you’re looking for the IFF. Simply run up to them with a shotgun or SMG and melee them with and shoot them as fast as you can. You should see an achievement tracker after each kill.

  • You can do some of these in Grunt's loyalty mission. AS none of them shoot it's easy but doing on the dog things in hard but after them the squid things and easy to do it on
  • Easy, just push B and shoot in the face!
  • Can anyone tell me if it counts for enemies knocked down by the Vangaurd's Charge ability?
  • @#1, Brilliant piece of advice! Thanks :-)
  • I found this really east against mechs, theyre not exactly the smartest enemies. Just go to any side mission with mechs in it.
  • I did this on the IFF mission. It was easy and a lot of fun ^_^
  • To add to #1, it's also super short, so if you manage to not get the 20 while making your way thru it, you can restart the mission, and you'll pick up where you left off (say 1st time thru you start with 0 and only make it up to 16, the 2nd time thru you'll start at 16).
  • I farmed this out on Horizon. Your second run-in with a wave of Collectors there also has several Husks running towards you. While I had Miranda warping the Collector barriers, I let the Husks run up to me so I could punch them out and shoot them. I got both the Brawler and Warp Specialist achievements here after several re-loads of the auto-save.
  • I'm having a real hard time with this. I'm playing as an infiltrator. I'm trying to do it on the husks on Aequitas. I get their shield down, melee them, then immediately shoot an unscoped Widow sniper rifle shot at them killing them, but I never seem to get credit for doing it...anybody have any luck doing this playing as an infiltrator?
  • #11 I would recommend doing it with a pistol. far easier I think.
  • I can punch enemies to death with like 6-10 punches and no one will fall down, what do I do wrong? o.O
  • I had a really hard time as an engineer, but managed it on the varren in Quarian Crash site.

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