Big Game Hunter Achievement

  • Big Game Hunter



    Thresher Maw defeated

    This is missable. On the third part of Grunt’s loyalty mission, you’ll be asked to survive a thresher maw attack for 5 minutes. You must kill it within the timeframe to unlock the achievement. It only has an armor bar, so use heavy weapons and anti-armor powers.

  • finished him off with 10 seconds left
  • I just got this one in one hit, used the M-920 Cain heavy weapon.
  • Soldier w/ inferno ammo and vindicator battle rifle; easy kill even on insanity
  • or the beam cannon from the collectors :)
  • Use the missle launcher and shoot 2-4 missles at a time. Shouldnt take more then 3 mins to finish him off. Pretty easy.
  • Infiltrator + Widow AMR + Warp Ammo = Dead thresher in no time.

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