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  • Tactician



    Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects

    I found the easiest method to obtain this achievement is to hit an enemy with pull. Then, while the enemy is floating, hit it with a warp. An explosion will occur (the combined effect) and the tracker should pop up, saying you added one to the tally. You can use both your own biotic powers and your squad’s biotic powers towards this achievement.

  • Does it have to be Shepard who uses the biotic powers, or can it be your other party members using multiple effects on the targets? I play with the soldier class and don't have any offensive biotics.
  • You can use your party members.
  • I have tried this one, but can't figure it out, when holding RB on xbox, I've tagged the same enemy with 2 different biotic powers, at the same time, they use them, but so far the statistics for this one stay on 0/20
  • tyar dont use them at the same time, for example first use pull, and when u see the enemy floating towards u only then use warp. i had some problems with this because the enemy always died straight away or the enemy was behind an obstacle and didnt start to float towards me
  • Thanks seonvittumeitsi for advice! I was confused about this achievement and you just solved my problem ;)
  • Fast, east way to get this achievement: When you first meet Jacob, you're given a tutorial about powers. For this tutorial, Jacob's Pull power has no cooldown. Use it twice on the three mechs to gain three points towards the achievement. Reload the autosave before the next cutscene kicks in and repeat.
  • I still can't get this to unlock, its stuck at 19/20 , i've tried everything and it just doesn't want to register :( any ideas ?
  • pull and slam work really well
  • confirming comment 8. use pull and slam at the same time
  • Thats for the info on pull and slam , got the final one i needed first try :)
  • i just did about 6/7 playthroughs of freedoms progress using pull and slam and got the achievment no problem, thanks guys! x
  • Jacob uses his biotic pull then have another member of your squad or yourself use the biotic slam. Its gonna take a bit to get but its not that tough.
  • This one has pretty poor tracking, expect to pull off the combination at least 50 or so times before the game actually registers the full 20. It also seems to erase progress randomly, I was on 11/20 and after saving and coming back to the game later my counter was completely reset. The other achievements with a tracked progress bar seem to do the same thing as well, so be sure to finish up all requirements before putting the game aside or you'll have wasted time.
  • Did anyone ever confirm #6?
  • Yes, I can confirm #6 post. This worked great for me. It only took 15 mins to get all 20. Thanks for the tip!
  • About to try #6 as I've been struggling with this bad boy. I will confirm again if it works like a charm.
  • #6 sure does work well. Just remember to use the pull quickly and make sure you are on target. ALSO Make sure to load the autosave right before you meet Jacob quickly otherwise you will need to restart the mission. =x
  • On a side note, I've gained points towards this with Liara (Shadow Broke DLC)and Miranda. I had Shepard using Shockwave with the ability that keeps enemies airborne for a few seconds followed by either Liara's Warp or Miranda's Slam. There was a few other combos I used but I can't remember half of them xD
  • Ok so reading the comments, it seems that the method of being able to use pull and slam at the same time works because pull activates first and then slam after so they aren't hitting instantaneously? If that's the case, for a good 50% of the game I would do Miranda's warp and my Incinerate. The warp hits instantly and then the Incinerate takes time travelling to get to the enemy. I haven't gotten a single point for this achievement? Is it because Warp is no longer active? So it should be something like pull since it's still active when you use another biotic?
  • im having a hard time with this i cant get them to work do you let them use there own powers or do i do it
  • Just did this real quick on the lair of the shadow broker dlc, using Samara aswell as Liara, just hit an enemy with their biotic powers at the same time, soon builds up
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  • Missed this! Got up to 17/20 quite quickly, but in the subsequent missions (about 75% of the rest if the game) it stopped registering! Same with Warp & Incinerate, I was forever pushing D-pad left and right to force these attacks but they rarely register!...Plus having to deal with the idiotic D-pad controls also making the teammates run at the enemy! I might start a new game and just finish the Tactician one as you can get it early with Miranda & Jacob.

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