Overload Specialist Achievement

  • Overload Specialist



    Disrupt the shields of 25 enemies

    Shields are a type of protection often used by mechanical enemies and engineers. You, or a squad member, must deal the finishing blow to the shield bar with the Overload power 25 times to earn the achievement. Blue Suns mercenaries have the most engineers with shields, and YMIR mechs also have shields. I found a good amount of Blue Suns engineers on Garrus’ loyalty mission.

    Note: Find a group of enemies with shields and destroy them all using overload. Then reload your checkpoint. It will keep your progress and you can repeat the process until you get the achievement.

  • When acquiring Jack on Purgatory there are plenty of Blue Suns Legionnaires with Shields (to Overload) and Armor (to Incinerate)- especially at the end where you face Warden Kuril. Just keep taking out the Shields and Armor of the Blue Suns in this room by manually using Miranda's Overload and Mordin's Incinerate. Rinse and repeat by loading the Autosave.
  • there is a wayyy easier place to get this achievement, right at the begging of the game about halfway through the first mission on the first invaded human colony ware u first see tali. after you talk to her and decide to split up she will tell you to beware of the rocket drones. in the next area i think 4 of them pop up, overload them than go thru the house. go halfway down the ramp and u will have 2 fight about 5 or 6 more. overload all of thur sheilds than reload the autosave, and you will start in the house at the top of the ramp..rinse and repeat. i got this after 5 mins. enjoy.
  • After you talk to Tali in the very begining of the game, Save it. Continue on and she will comment on drones that are in the area. Once you go through the door, It will lead you to a fight with 7 drones. If you are lucky you can get 2-3 drones per fight, Simply reload and repeat till you get the achievement.
  • Purgatory worked great for this, actually. In the last room where you face off against Warden Kuril, all you have to do is park yourself under cover somewhere near the entrance to the room. Blue Suns will continously pour out of Kuril's side of the room, usually two or three at a time, most of them with shields. I just kept farming Miranda's Area Overload against them and got this achievement in no time. So long as you stay under cover near the room's entrance, the enemies will keep their distance and be unable to hit you with their gunfire.
  • I'm having problems with this achievement and the Warp and Incincerate too. I make sure that I use the power to deal the finishing blow to shields/barriers, and I don't get credit for it every time. I must have gotten this by now, but only 2 have counted. Guess I'll give up on these achievements. Not worth it for little GS.
  • Just be careful. Sometimes they don't pop up when you actually did overload the shields. Mine tracked every 5 and then the achievement popped.

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