Warp Specialist Achievement

  • Warp Specialist



    Warp the barriers of 25 enemies

    Barrier is a type of shield, but only biotics use them. The blue bar will specifically say barrier instead of shields. You, or a squad member, have to deal the finishing blow to the barrier bar with the Warp power 25 times to earn the achievement. Asari (Eclipse mercenaries) and occasionally krogan will have them. The Collector’s, assassins and harbingers specifically, also use them quite often. Thane and Samara’s recruiting missions both have a good amount of biotics that will use barriers for you to remove.

    Note: Find a group of enemies using barriers and destroy them all using warp. Then reload your checkpoint. It will keep your progress and you can repeat the process until you get the achievement.

  • A good place to do this early on is in the Archangel rescue mission. Kill the first mobs on the bridge, then go to the basement to close the shutters. After the last shutter you will get a savepoint where the bloodpack leader Garm will be infront of you with a barrier. Just warp the barrier and reload the autosave. The internal achievement tracker notifies only after each 5 warps so don't be discouraged if you don't see it pop up after each Garm warping.
  • You don't have to kill him, just warp the barrier and reload when his health bar turns yellow.
  • Does it have to deplete the barrier completely for it to count?
  • The beginning of Horizon is perfect for this achievement. 5-6 collectors with barriers come out to attack you right from the beginning. Warp and reload.
  • This is the only achievement i need for this game. SO CLOSE
  • I need help with this, because nothing I do seems to be working. What color on an enemy's health bar represents armor, or a barrier? I know red = health and blue = shields, but what's yellow? Isn't that armor? And purple is for barriers, right? I can't seem to get ANY progress towards the Incinerate or Warp achievements (and I've been routinely using Mordin and Miranda to work towards both)... it's seriously starting to piss me off.
  • Red=Health Yellow=Armor Blue=Shields Purple=Barrier
  • Finally got all these achievments to work. I discovered it works best when you set your squadmates powers to "off" in the options menu so that you can control when they fire them off. Only then did I have significant success with this. I farmed this achievement out on Horizon, during the second encounter with a wave of Collectors. There are a few with barriers that you can have Miranda warp, and as a bonus, several Husks will come running at you as well. I punched and shot each one of them while warping the Collector barriers, and after loading the auto-save a few times and going farming, I got two achievements here for the price of one!
  • thanks for the tip kokumaker !
  • #8 thanks for the tip. worked perfectly!
  • Using technique stated in #8 is probably the easiest way to farm this bad boy. Cheers for that!
  • There is literally no need to farm these, you can get them all easily just by playing the game normally.
  • Here's the easy way: Dominate an enemy - that will give them a barrier, shoot half the barrier down, then have thane and miranda warp them - can be done anywhere in the game, should take about 5 minutes.
  • NB: #12 & #13 are talking out of their arseholes. If you play normally without Warp you'll never get this. I played without Warp but used Miranda for EVERY mission and she had Warp, yet I finished the game with 4/25 Warps! Barriers are rare and using Warp to destroy a barrier is only going to happen if you deliberately go for it. You'll need to restart checkpoints where barrier enemy appear and have two Warping teammates (turn off auto powers in the options and assign Warp to Left & Right D-pad...and hope they don't run to location instead - dumb controls!).

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