Incineration Specialist Achievement

  • Incineration Specialist



    Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies

    Armor is a type of protection, characterized by a yellow bar on top of the enemy’s health bar. To get the achievement, you, or a party member, must use the Incinerate power to deal the finishing blow to an enemy’s armor bar. Krogans, YMIR mechs, Harbingers, and Scions are the enemies that most commonly have armor. Blood Pack Vorcha warriors will also occasionally have them, and a good way to boost the achievement up, as their armor is a lot weaker in proportion to the other enemies. I found that Mordin’s loyalty mission was a great place to earn this achievement due to the high amount of krogan and Blood Pack members you will face.

    Note: Find a group of enemies with armor and destroy them all using incinerate. Then reload your checkpoint. It will keep your progress and you can repeat the process until you get the achievement.

  • i dont undersatnd how to do this incinerate their armor but i don't get an achievement progress
  • you have to use incineration just when the armor is about to break. just at the time when there is just a little bar left, that's when it counts. I have to start a new game now, just for that achievement, cause I never used that skill...
  • It's not the incinerating ammo. It's the actual Incinerate skill that Mordin has.
  • Yea I used Mordin on Garrus' loyalty mission and right after a checkpoint there's and enemy with a shield or barrier I can't remember and shields so I just reloaded and farmed him.
  • When acquiring Jack on Purgatory there are plenty of Blue Suns Legionnaires with Shields (to Overload) and Armor (to Incinerate)- especially at the end where you face Warden Kuril. Just keep taking out the Shields and Armor of the Blue Suns in this room by manually using Miranda's Overload and Mordin's Incinerate. Rinse and repeat by loading the Autosave.
  • The mission when you go to get Wrex is great for this as well
  • @Comment 6 Wrex isnt in this game, The canon for him is that he gets killed in the first game during the stand off near the end. You are talking about Grunt. Also Mordin seems to be the only one with the ability to incinerate armor so just before a battle - Save the game then use the incinerate ability on people with armor, That way you can simply reload and repeat to get the achievement (Yes this does work, I have tried)
  • Get the scientist first before you go for the archangel on Omega. The scientist (Mordin) has the ability (and is the only one that does) to insinerate. Then continue to start the archangel recruit mission. You will get to the small base where the mercenaries are and search the rooms for a large mech to hack and hack him to change his targeting system. Make sure you have Mordin in your squad (and Miranda so you can get the warp achievment here as well) then continue on until you gotta defend the base with the archangel. When the mech appears, Bring his shields down then move your 2 squad members behind you so they dont attack him. Bring the large mech's armor down on your own till there is a small chunk at the end (about - - that much, between the 2 dashes) then use the insinerate on hi
  • *****SPOILER**** @comment 7 Actually, if you dont kill him in the first game, and import the character he becomes the leader of clan urdnot (or however you spell it)
  • Comment 9 is right ... If u had a high enough alinement u could say Wrexham chill out or get a grip bruv (well along those lines) annoying how they show the innciner ammo round on the achievement icon tho
  • I think incinerate ammo works too. I don't have incinerate but Jacob skills give it to me and I have about five in my progress bar.
  • @11 Reading this I'd say it has to be the skill as I've apparently only done it once and incinerate ammo is all I use, guess that would be a very easy achievement.
  • I used incinerator ammo all the time, and I have ZERO progress towards this achievement. I guess it does have to be a squadmate's power, like Mordin's.
  • Okay, so, I used Mordin's Incinerate power all through Purgatory and got not one single credit towards this achievement. Even on Warden Kuril... I used Miranda to overload his shields, and then Mordin to incinerate his armor (which only took one hit), and then I just gunned him down myself. Zero credits here. What's going on? Well, okay... what's the difference between shields and barriers? We all know that enemy health is red, and their sheilds are blue... so what's yellow? Isn't that the armor? Or is yellow a barrier? :-/
  • Figured it all out. The best place to farm for this achievement is when you go to recruit Okeer/Grunt... a Krogan will let you into the base, where two freaked out mercs will come running for their lives. Gun them down, and you find yourself faced by a wave of armored Krogan who come at you one after another. Have Mordin incinerate them all, then load the auto-save and do it again. I got this achievement in no time!
  • @14 Blue = shields - use overload Purple = barrier - use warp Yellow = armor - use incinerate
  • Archangle recruiting mission is a good spot to do this. I saved right before doing the last shutter (the one on the right when looking at the three of them) and usually for 3-4 a load.
  • I used Mordin's Incinerate manually, while recruiting Grunt as @15 suggested.
  • I followed #2's advice throughout Garrus' loyalty mission and managed to complete over half of the achievement thanks to all of the armoured mechs there (I didn't reload for another round). I too recommend using that one as another good place to go if you've missed your opportunity to build up to this achievement with Jack and Grunt's recruitment mission (like myself).

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