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  • Agent



    Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds

    Go to a world and when EDI says: "Anomaly detected" find the point on the planet holding down the to use the scanner and when you find the anomaly, by following the white line on the scanner circle, press to send in a probe, it will mine some minerals also getting you "Prospector" and land on the planet and complete the respective mission. Rinse and repeat 5 times.

    Located in: Omega Nebula
    System: Fathar
    Planet: Lorek

    Located in: Caleston Rift
    System: Talava
    Planet: Taitus

    Located in: Caleston Rift
    System: Solveig
    Planet: Sinmara

    Located in: Crescent Nebula
    System: Zelene
    Planet: Helyme

    Located in: Crescent Nebula
    System: Lusarn
    Planet: Tarith

    Note: Neither the Normandy crash site or Jacob's loyalty mission will count for this achievement.

    Here is a list of the rest of the planets with these missions.

  • The assignments from "Project Firewalker" will count to this achievement.
  • The easiest way to get this is to simply ignore the main quest and scan unexplored worlds. I have already started my second mission and I am only an hour and 18 mins into the game, Very quick achievement
  • This was a fun one!
  • I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping these would be random quests that you find but they're just from quests that tell you which "uncharted world" to go to.

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